Monday, November 2, 2009

Kwanzania is a Doomed Nation

If any of these men were alive today they would defect to Russia or China to escape this festering hellhole. Before they left they'd have a hearty laugh at people so stupid they think enshrining class stratification in a caste system of victim categories is what they were talkng about when they said all men should be equal before the law.

From slavery to freedom, from freedom to apathy, from apathy to decadence, from decadence to tyranny and then back to slavery. Manboons are incapable of learning and will always destroy themselves with their own stupidity.

Any place run by a Kenyan will start to look, feel and smell like Kenya.

Barry Soetoro had no objections to his own press team declaring he was "Kenyan born" for the past twenty years, but all of a sudden midway through his campaign this fact went down the memory hole. Kwanzans are too stupid to continue living, period. Note how his actual name is fluid and changes dynamically from year to year. This guy has more aliases than a professional traveling conman. For years his own press crew spelled his name differently or even alternately, like "Barrack Obama" and on other days "Barock Obama." Can this guy make up his mind who he is? Does he even know himself anymore? If he doesn't remember, I'm sure Rahm Emmanuel or his other handlers will pull him aside and tell him.


Anonymous said...

Just read the comments under the main article of your blog. These people will be worshiping government even while they dig through garbage cans for food after their masters collapse the economy.

I doubt they had to look hard before they found these geniuses:

And one can never get enough of this:

Anonymous said...

Orly Taitz (from Irsael) is the leading proponent of the Obama birth certificate lawsuits.

She is the one who produced a blatant forgery of a birth certificate. As soon as I saw where she was from, I knew that she was controlled opposition. Failing that, she is an idiot. Or she's fake opposition pretending to be an idiot.

Lenin said it best "the easiest way to control the opposition is to lead it".

But you're right on regarding hate crimes legislation. Perhaps this will anger the 'middle American' kwanzanian Bush-bots and they'll start to despise their country and refuse to become cannon fodder for the JOG.

Texas Arcane said...

What I find really funny about that Youtube video you linked to is the hundreds of misspelled words in the subtitles that accompany it. Apparently an Amerikwan handled that ... or tried to.

Anonymous said...

G'Day Tex
Would you have an update on how the Vault-OS is going?