Monday, November 9, 2009

Killshot Payload For The Sheeple Delivered

Most recent update

One million people infected in the Ukraine, from 200-500 deaths recorded, 50,000 people hospitalized. This should be on every single television station around the clock as a breaking emergency and it isn't.

What happens if doctors get sick, as well?

Clear signs of rapid, unrecedented mutations appearing daily

Polymorphic virus that creates cytokine storms in the human lungs

Lungs destroyed in 48 hours on average Even people who recover are being left with permanent damage to their lung capacity and health.

They're still calling it swine flu when all the evidence says it is a bioweapon.


This must have been in the planning stages going back for at least fifteen years. All the evidence points to this being a planned event by major players.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, just found out that these documents are really on the ibm official website.. This is scarier..

Anonymous said...

What's your plan if this gets to Australia? Take some time off work and hunker down in the vault? I have plenty of stored supplies although no vault. I hope you're wrong about this one Tex, even though I do agree with your general theories, I'm a good year away from getting a vault up and running.

Anonymous said...

The interactive map linked in the first article makes for particularly grim reading. The ratio of deaths to infections seems to be quite high here in the UK as is most of Europe except perhaps Germany.

Australia and New Zealand haven't fared much better - strange considering their remoteness - and not good for you Tex :P

The overall infection rate here seems quite low considering the tightly packed in 60 million+ people that now reside in the UK.

The US numbers speak for themselves with a distinct lack of numbers in Africa and Russia - surely you'd expect these places to suffer the worst with basic medical care? Or perhaps a shortage/restriction of information?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the virus outbreak in the Ukraine (and now in Serbia) was in perfect timing with the beginning of the mass vaccination procedure in Europe. Early in September most German population were saying they're not going to get the vaccine. But now, seeing what's happening in the Ukraine, everyone changed their minds and want to take the shot. I'm sure this timing is just a coincidence too...