Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ed Begley Jr. Has Mental Collapse On Live Television Over ClimateGate

Spooky, creepy, skin-curdling people. Very scary. Makes me think of druids and giant Wicker Men burning with virgins inside of them.

One guy like this is not a problem. He needs to be institutionalized. Poor lad is clearly a couple cans shy of a six-pack. You multiply this nut times a million and you can see the problem.

I would compare any ignorant medieval peasant with this jackass and you would find the peasant would come out better in terms of rational thinking.

When the poor guy goes completely off the rails he starts yelling about the light inside of an easy bake toy oven. Then it's back to the air quality in Los Angeles. He's trying to think. With mixed results.

Ford Unveils 1993 Taurus For 2010

I'm sorry. This is a link to that stupid Onion site. I couldn't stop laughing at this video after I saw it.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Barack Obama Represents Psychotic, Ravening Lawlessness and Tyranny

Obama got it into his head to appoint himself to chair the UN Security Council. It is unprecedented, unheralded and the strangest wild unchecked abuse of Presidential power in the 200 year history of the United States.

Now we will see if Congress exists as anything but a figurehead organization to rubberstamp this Kenyan's fiats.

Here's what the Constitution says about this, specifically inserted by the Founding Fathers to provide a check against this kind of mad treason from within:

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Congress and the Senate have abdicated to defer to an Emperor, just as in the last days of the Roman Empire. This guy can literally do anything, he seems to put himself above all earthly rulers. I'm still disappointed if Obama is the Anti-Christ, I always thought Satan could recruit better quality people than this moron.

Red-Eyed Foaming-At-The-Mouth Bolshevist Madness In The United States

Insane. Honestly. Mad as hatters, the lot of them.

From the same people who brought you globowarmthinkery as a given.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Airport Mission [Uncut]

The goal is to kill all the unarmed civilians in the airport and to make sure you even finish off the wounded. These are people waiting in line for airplane tickets.

No comments. If you don't think something is terribly wrong here there is no point in my saying anything.

Note they are Russians. From 1989 onwards they were supposed to be off-limits after the Cold War, but here we are once again being trained to hate them and regard them as subhuman. Guess what we are being prepared for here. After our youth have been trained to massacre their civilians, will we really be upset with our governments if they are "forced" to conduct a first strike on their cities, in the name of "peace?" Prepping for WW3, except I think the elites know less about the next war than Vault-Co does.Maybe they think this will be WW2 with solid state electronics.

The Fake Pandemic Was Supposed To Cause A Real Pandemic

This is Vault-Co's take on the events of the past year.

1. A biologically engineered virus called H1N1 was released on purpose by Baxter Pharmaceuticals. It was intended to cause a severe flu season. This bug flopped. Within a few months it had mutated into a fairly harmless strain. This often happens with bioweapons, you never know what they will do.

2. The mass media was nevertheless primed for months before the event with instructions to whip up mass hysteria about the pandemic that would follow. A comical disconnect followed, with the media screaming louder and louder about a flu strain that was more and more harmless.

3. The plan had been all along to drive people into their doctors where they would be deliberately injected with a powerful adjuvant solution that would make their immune systems hypersensitized to the cytokine storm of the next bug they intended to release, the big one.

4. Flustered that all their plans were yielding ridiculous outcomes, the decision was made to release the second big bug in the Ukraine and get the media to tell everyone it was H1N1. Of course, it is a radically different flu that causes lethal pneumonia in the lungs. They intended to use the second bug to force the population to come in and get that injection they had planned to use all along after the first release failed so miserably to accomplish this. In order to insure a substantial infection rate, planes did overflights of the Ukraine spraying this nasty retroviral as an aerosol.

It is unknown at this time if this Ukrainian pneumonia is going to become a pandemic or not. It may be far less contagious person-to-person than it is when inhaling an aerosol you are deliberately sprayed with. This goes to show you that real life is often a lot harder to engineer outcomes in than influencing sheeple minds through the mass media.

They Are Liars As Their Father The Devil Is A Liar

The Obamination is sending at least another 50,000 troops into Afghanistan and escalating the war. Still no explanation of what it is we are trying to do over there outside of pissing off Muslims with what amounts to a new version of the Crusades. America is building grievances in other nations that can only be forgotten when America is destroyed. An internal saboteur would do less damage than this whoreson.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Need To Get To Work On That Time Machine

... but I've got to finish Vault-OS first.

I'll take a stack of "BLACKS-ON-BLONDES" DVDs, some current magazines and pictures of modern day Britain.

Fact : I will have every single British soldier who escapes Dunkirk return home in German uniform under the command of the Nazis. The Germans will conquer Britain with the help of these turncoats within 24 hours. Whatever happens after that, it can't get any worse.

Our Institutions Are Controlled By The Botched And The Bungled

Truth. We are ruled by the ugly puppies, the runts of the litter, the clubfoots, the nacre-exuding sick oysters. They are our masters and the world looks the way it does because they have no idea of what they are doing. The only reason they are there is that they've got moxie. Otherwise they are the worst possible choices for leadership in any regard.

Our civilizations were not built by these kinds of people. They seize power in the second half of the average lifespan of 200 years of a society. They are destroyers and liars and there is no situation they cannot make infinitely worse. While these liars were spreading this hoax, the whole world should have been getting ready for the end of the interglacial. The damage they have done is incalculable. The worst casualties will be in the third world amongst the people they claimed to care about.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What Do They Do With All That Black-Ops Money They Filch Out Of The Budget Each Year?

All kinds of stuff.

Weird stuff. Disturbing stuff.

Nobody is sure what a lot of this stuff is for. What it all has in common is that it is deep underground.

Trillions of dollars a year in any given year. With the bailout this year, the elites have also been given an opportunity to milk colossal sums out of that morass of payments with nobody to oversee them. Bernanke transferred a trillion dollars to New Zealand on his signature and honestly felt the U.S. Congress had no power to even question him about it.

When he gave this testimony, they had traced a half a trillion. Since then, some estimates are that Bernanke has vanished at least eight trillion dollars into "thin air."


I told you commie scumbags those hoofbeats you hear are the sons and daughters of God riding hellbent for leather and they're coming for you. You overplayed your hand, as always. Now you've been caught. You really are your own worst enemy, aren't you? You might be looking at doing hard time before this is over.

This issue isn't going anywhere. The mass media can't clamp these kinds of stories any longer, they don't have the money or the muscle. There are too many political opportunities for smart money to cross the line and join the prosecution when they still have time. Watch how many former advocates of global warming are going to sneak across the fence at night and slip into the ranks of the detractors. That's what sociopaths do. Like rats, they switch allegiances on the drop of a dime depending on whatever is expedient.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pop Goes The Commie Weasel

This is not partisanship or politics we're talking about. It's criminal conspiracy to commit fraud. Jones alone has been paid nigh 13 million pounds to run his shyster team of science fakes for twenty years shilling for the bolshies and their global governance plot.

It's hard to argue with reality.

But somebody has always done it, throughout history.

Globowarmthinkers have a tough road to haul, what with half the known universe bearing witness to the fact they're wrong.

The potential for plausible deniability has ended. People concerned need to do hard time in prison making license plates.

A Brutha Be Like, You Know, Steenklin'

Whatnot and what have you. Yassum.

Here's a funny thing.

This seems to happen in every single region of the world with similar demographics.

Bodies are too unimportant to kin to merit expenditures on burial. One sees bodies abandoned in morgues in Haiti, Capetown, Barbados ... always the same pattern.

Bodies are too unimportant to kin to merit expenditures on burial.

"Yo homes, I'd like to pop for Laticia to get a fine box but you know, somebody stole both of my gold rims last months and dey ain't cheap. Plus I got runs in my leather upholstery in back. So jest as soon as I gits dat ride fixed up fo the griefstricken consolation dating process to get over Laticia, dat poh bitch lying in the county morgue up deah, I will almost certainly at some point finances permitting and weather cooporating, see ta it duh bitch gitta box and a stone. But you know dis be one'a dem months. I gat bills all over and whatnot and what have you."


These people don't deserve to just lose their tenure and their careers.

They will have to be prosecuted for criminal conspiracy to defraud the planet.

These assholes were right when they said this issue was bigger than any one of us. The largest criminal confidence game in world history in an attempt to strip nations of sovereignty and force us all into global government. It's the biggest crime in mankind's history and the people involved need to do hard time behind bars.

The Nobel committee should strip Gore of his "Nobel prize" and tear his picture down off the wall.
Professor Michael Mann, director of Pennsylvania State University's Earth System Science Centre and a regular contributor to the popular climate science blog Real Climate, features in many of the email exchanges. He said: "I'm not going to comment on the content of illegally obtained emails. However, I will say this: both their theft and, I believe, any reproduction of the emails that were obtained on public websites, etc, constitutes serious criminal activity. I'm hoping the perpetrators and their facilitators will be tracked down and prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows."

Keep talking, you fraud. Hear those hoofbeats? They're coming for you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Globowarmthinkers Demonstrate All The Symptoms of Clinical Psychosis

All the symptoms associated with psychosis.

The police will arrest a person like this after he has chopped up a couple members of his family with a machete and ask him, Why'd you do it? He'll chortle and stare back at them. You have to be kidding me. They had all planned to kill me. I just got to them first. Surely you can see that? I mean, it's obvious. I can't even believe you would question me about it. I was just clever enough to proactively kill them before they could do it to me.

Globowarmthinkers can't understand what has caused the "temporary pause" in the warming. Is it possible there never was any warming trend to begin with? They stare at you incredulously. Are you serious? How can somebody even ask a question like that?

Al Gore has been making a brilliant case for his arguments - with Photoshop.

It's a freak circus parade of madmen, lunatics and sociopaths on the road to a one world government

Ban Ki-Moon urges unemployable losers and charlatans worldwide not to give up hope on this gravy train. It beats having to work for a living, he reminds them all.

Chinese Communists Claim They Change Solar Cycles And Cause Bread To Fall Butter Side Down

As Machiavelli pointed out, a wise regime even claims responsibility for disasters, because it continues to build the mythology of their complete power over the entire natural world. As Adam Sandler's mother said in THE WATERBOY, "Thomas Edison didn't invent electricity! I invented electricity!"

Otherwise the Chinese people might gradually start to figure out that their Communist leaders are really just pathetic losers who cannot get proper day jobs. No, by no means. We caused that heavy snow, to cure the drought. This reassures people that their government has it all in hand and that their taxes are well spent, on various schemes to give lips to chickens and figure out how to make toilet water go down the drain counterclockwise. At least Stalin spent the money on breeding super ape soldiers by making recruits have sex with monkeys. That's what I call intelligent application of public finances.

What The Smart Money Is Thinking About


Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Caused The Blackout In Brazil?

Nobody knows. The government has already said the subject is closed, after admitting they don't know. That's a shame, because the same kind of brains that built the electrical sytem are required to maintain it, as well. That means natural curiosity and an active interest in what causes faults.

This is why Vault-Co thinks we're on the brink of a new Dark Ages. When people are asking, "Why ask why?" it's probably because they are incapable of answering those kinds of questions anymore. Feeble minds + complex infrastructure = failure.

Vault-Co regulars are probably willing to try a hypothesis, I could think of a couple. Holes in the magnetic shield will knock out juice faster than you can ask somebody to light a candle. Brazil better hope this isn't the start of a trend because most of the people there are not capable of keeping this stuff running once it starts to burn out on a regular basis.

UPDATE : You won't believe this - submitted by a reader

When I suggested this last year about the Quantas flight, it was tongue-in-cheek speculation and I only got the idea from reading Sorcha Faal. As it turns out, now air safety wardens are seriously considering the possibility.

I figured we'd see all kinds of strange anecdotal news stories as a result of random fracturing of our magnetic shield - "Sheepherder in Brazil claims Mystery Rays from Outer Space Burned Off His Testicles," that kind of thing, National Enquirer tabloid style stories with kernels of truth in them. Maybe a real farmhand on a high plateau in Argentina developing weird radiation sickness while out on his land for a few days. Somebody who looked at the broader picture would then start to see these stories were all really about the same thing. I still believe this. I advise you to check the "hotsheets," to quote Tommy Lee Jones in MEN IN BLACK.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Who is running this show?

Voters? You have to be kidding. You can only vote for the candidates financed and promoted by the same people.

Nothing fails like democracy, which is why the Founding Fathers made America a Republic.

America is a failed regime. It is a failure by every metric that can reasonably be applied to it. Everything about it is symptomatic of failed Marxist states worldwide.

Is Catastrophism The Catalyst That Charges The Earth's Magnetic Field?

No link.

I was just talking tonight to somebody on a 2012 forum and the idea was interesting because it dovetails pretty closely with everything else I have been learning about the relationship between the Sun and the Earth.

Here are the premises, all from standard accepted geoscience:

1. Nobody is sure what creates the magnetic field that shields the Earth from cosmic radiation. There are plenty of theories but most of them do not hold up when you do the math. The field just is. Get a couple of beers into a good geologist and they'll admit this to you.

2. Current evidence indicates that magnetic field strength does wax and wane inside a grand series of cycles starting with the 11 year sunspot cycle, the 12000 year larger cycle, the 22000 year cycle that is wrapped around that. Despite how politically correct it is to pretend that big thing you see up in the sky doesn't exist and if it does has no affect on the Earth, the fact is an honest scientist will admit there appears to be a very complex and elaborate relationship between magnetic reversals on the Sun and magnetic reversals here on the Earth.

3. Some scientists have suggested that the Earth's magnetic field is charged exactly like a dynamo inside a DC motor by the alternation of the Sun's magnetic field. It has been posited that this is really the energy source for our protective magnetic field ... we are parasites on the heliosphere we share with the Sun and it's regular flip-flopping. There's just one hole in this theory ... at the levels of energy we know about in recorded history, there doesn't seem to be enough juice to create a field of the strength we see in our planet's magnetic field. Something has to make up the difference somewhere that we don't currently know about for this theory to hold water.

Follow all that? Okay, here come's the slam-dunk.

It is possible that the only thing that makes life possible on this planet are the regular catastrophic magnetic reversals triggered by the Sun to charge up our shield. Without these cyclic catastrophic events, our magnetic field would be too weak to protect us and the surface would be sterilized by cosmic radiation. Nothing but deep underground bacteria could survive. In order to have life at all on this planet ... we need regular magnetic reversals to charge our field.

Interesting stuff, right? Think about this for a while.

In addition to causing regular extinction cycles, these reversals also drive rapid evolutionary change (explaining "the fossil gap" that is a serious hole in evolutionary theory), lay down diamonds and precious metals, create hydrocarbons (oil, coal, shale) and may be the reason you and I are not sitting in a tree somewhere eating fruit and throwing our feces at one another.

When you find a theory that explains a list this long of what were previously "mysterious phenomenon," you either need to find a major flaw in it or overturn your existing paradigm and adopt this one ... which in my opinion is far superior in it's ability to clarify as opposed to obscure the world around us. Accept magnetic reversal as a starting premise and you will find you can answer an awful lot of questions that regular scientists just shrug and give you dumb looks about.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man is Not A Learning Animal

No, he isn't.

A pig will go back to his vomit.

Do you know what happens when people get this stupid? They get robbed, sodomized, enslaved and left for dead.

Lots of bad stuff just seems to happen to dumb people. Somewhere, there is always a super-predator waiting in the wings to pounce when people drop their guard. Nations don't last long at all with a stupid population.

When they are finished with you and have leeched off everything of value you could possibly have, then they will simply kill you off as annoying farm stock that has outlived it's usefulness. Of course, barnyard animals cannot be allowed to possess weapons or it might be difficult when they are shipped to the slaughterhouse. Because these are manlike critters, the most merciful solutions will be used to snuff them as quietly as possible. Nobody wants your screams disrupting their pool party next door and putting a downer on their vibe. Quietly, quietly, put out their lights, sir.

Methinks Thou Protest Too Much

Remember, if the sheeple begin to stampede, it could affect revenue collection and taxes may dry up.

That money is urgently needed to fund the ongoing and urgent construction of shelter for the elites, which continues at a manic, feverish pace worldwide.

More disinfo driven by the mass media

Shhhh. Relax. Watch your porn, pay your tax revenues and observe your spectator sports. Everything is okay. Sleep. Sleep.

Somebody decided they needed to cap this growing awareness. There are already widespread attempts to spread a plethora of gibberish theories about this date, including Planet Nibiru, Anal Probing Alien Grays, A "Pole Shift" (Einstein, that charlatan) and all kinds of crazy metaphysical nonsense. I think the Hollywood movie coming out tomorrow is part of this disinformation campaign.

Let me be clear. This is what Vault-Co thinks is about to happen.

There are going to be unheralded solar storms of enormous magnitude in the years to come, possibly culminating in the reversal of Earth's magnetic field and a temporary cessation of our cosmic shield against radiation. We've never thought otherwise on this subject. That's the bad news. The good news is we're bound to enjoy many far less threatening situations as side effects, including nuclear war, worldwide famine, worldwide pandemics and unforeseen tectonics and volcanism. The tsunami in the Pacific was only the beginning.

We also suggest that the governments of the world have suspected this approaching event since the early 1950's and as of the early 90's began to prepare to survive it.

We're just private citizens who have become aware, part of the great mass of humanity who are not intended to survive aboveground. We're sheep that woke up in the middle of the barnyard in 1998 and began to wonder what in the hell was going on.

The Dresden Codex, little known primary Mayan document of the Apocalypse

Note this article translates it as "black sky" and "black earth" when it should be "burning sky" and "burning earth" which is far more accurate according to Mayan elders. The spin is in.

Is this science fiction that Tex is talking about? It's the reason I started on my shelter in 2001. How can it be science fiction when we know beyond a fraction of a doubt something similar has happened at regular intervals every 12,500 years? At the Gothenburg magnetic reversal and many other reversals?

The Earth's magnetic field is weakening right now and look at what is happening.

How could an exquisite fantasy cooked up in the deranged mind of Tex have predicted in advance, before it happened, that something was going to happen to the Sun that would result in dramatic cooling?

Do the elaborate delusions of schizophrenics predict Dalton minimums almost 8 years before mainstream scientists concur?

No, they don't. I think mayhaps Tex is more than a mere petty ranteur. That's the reason, in fact, I created this blog ten years ago.

Globowarmthinkery and Peak Oil are Scams

How long have we been saying this on Vault-Co?

Since 1998, when the first page went up. I remember this was in the third column on the right side of the TEXAS ARCANE SURVIVAL REPORT, which was formatted to look like the Drudge Report page. I said that both global warming and peak oil were frauds designed to keep the price of oil high. I had not read THE COMING SUPERSTORM, ICE AGE NOW or ORIGINS OF THE FOURTH WORLD WAR when I made these predictions. Many of these ideas I only had inklings of at the time, whereas now I understand the mechanisms involved only too well after ten continuous years of reading and study.

On this same page was a prediction by me of a fake terror event to be staged in "coming years" in America either on the Statue of Liberty or the World Trade Center, either by stooges or unwilling pawns of the elite.

I announced in the next update that India would defect into the arms of China, Russia would return resurgent under the leadership of the former KGB and China would start the largest military buildup in world history for the express intention of fighting and winning a nuclear war with America. I suggested Taiwan would be the flashpoint for this war.

Shortly thereafter, I predicted the "nightmare scenarios" involving the weaponization of space and low earth orbit were inevitable in a later update to the page. I also predicted a wide series of plagues and disease would soon afflict mankind. I developed this conviction after reading THE COMING PLAGUE by Laurie Garrett about antibiotic resistant staph.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Edjumfacation In Action

Our society is living a lie, built on deception and trimmed with dreams. What they want never was and can never be. No matter how many people fake it for how long, they will never change the fundamental realities of existence.

Even when I am the last living man on Earth who knows something is wrong and I am outnumbered to the contrary by seven billion others with a different consensus, I'll still be right and they will all still be wrong. My perception beats their collective wishing, hands down.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Killshot Payload For The Sheeple Delivered

Most recent update

One million people infected in the Ukraine, from 200-500 deaths recorded, 50,000 people hospitalized. This should be on every single television station around the clock as a breaking emergency and it isn't.

What happens if doctors get sick, as well?

Clear signs of rapid, unrecedented mutations appearing daily

Polymorphic virus that creates cytokine storms in the human lungs

Lungs destroyed in 48 hours on average Even people who recover are being left with permanent damage to their lung capacity and health.

They're still calling it swine flu when all the evidence says it is a bioweapon.


This must have been in the planning stages going back for at least fifteen years. All the evidence points to this being a planned event by major players.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Death Injection Has Been Given To The 'Kwa

Nobody got to read the bill. Pelosi called the vote on a Saturday to make certain people would get "legislation" without representation.

Two groups of people here.

People who are so stupid they do as they are told and believe whatever someone says to them, no matter how insipid it is. Leftards are people who think they know everything when experience shows they not only know nothing, they don't even know what they don't know. That's the first group, the majority - the useful idiots.

Then there is the second group. People who know they just destroyed the United States - that was the goal for them to begin with.

So, we're done. It took 46 years from the day I was born to get here.

The United States of America died today. Que sera sera. Eaten out by sociopaths from the inside like every other nation in recorded history. Sociopaths can't get a grip for their teeth on a country until the majority fall into group one described above.

An ignorant nation that wants to be free wants what has never been and never can be. People that stupid can never keep freedom for long before somebody takes it away from them.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cattle Cheer On Their Ride To Slaughterhouse

1963 - The Year I Was Born

Look what happened in 46 years. What an absolute sewer the United States is today. I think that generation set some kind of landspeed record for destroying a nation from the inside.

Anyway, it will all be over soon enough. I'll like it better when it is a 3000 mile wide stretch of radioactive glass.

A Brief Review

Thursday, November 5, 2009

*BUMP Must See

If you only click through on one link we put up on Vault-Co, you should watch all six parts of this video posted to You-Tube. It's incredible. I went and verified four of the things she speaks of independently and she was spot on. Would you believe the media failed to tell you that the seasonal flu vaccine distributed earlier this year killed experimental animals 100% when it was given to them? That's right. 100%. Yet the vaccine was then given to thousands and thousands of people as part of their yearly flu shot. Do you find that boggles the mind?

Guess where one of the trials was conducted for this batch?

In the Ukraine.

Watch all six parts of this video. Be prepared to take the red pill.

(Found through a tip by a reader)

*BUMP Joseph Moshe-Bar

I'd already made the connection the instant I heard this epidemic was in the Ukraine but I feel obligated to reference it now so anybody who doesn't know about this whole bizarre chain of events will get all the information in one place. Note that in all likelihood Joseph Moshe-Bar probably knowingly sacrified his life and his career and reputation for no other reason than in the hope of getting this secret to the outside world. That's a superhero, whether anybody ever realizes it or not.

Mmmmm ... I really need to work on Vault-OS this week. I am getting that feeling I better pack some new buckets soon. I think the pace is starting to pick up around here. Looks like someone has decided to advance the schedule.

You Will Not Suffer Poisoners To Live

The Old Testament says that anybody who murders by stealth through poison (the King James Bible translates this as "witchcraft") must be put to death for the crime.

What would the Old Testament tell us we should do with people who have poisoned seven billion human beings through stealth?

I see people slugging back Coke Zero everyday like it was crack. I know only too well how addictive that garbage disguised as soda pop is. Rat poison is quicker and better than aspartame and has fewer side effects. I stopped saying anything to coworkers many years back. They never listen anyway. I figure a couple cans a day for six months and you turn into a person who can never really hear anything after that as long as you're on it. It wouldn't matter what anybody told you about it or what information you got about it. It turns your brain into a robot that wants to drink more diet coke. Period.

Apparently flouride with aspartame and aluminium is a deadly triumvirate that will turn the average human being into a slack jawed zombie with a hydrocephalic brain in about three months. That explains an awful lot for me.

I went cold turkey ten years ago and I feel I am still trying to detoxify from that horrible, lethal stuff. I strongly suspect it is one of the primary causes of my insomnia. I never suffered from it like this until I began to drink it fifteen years ago. It might take me who knows how long to ever recover from this deadly neurotoxin.

The damage is done for this generation. It's going to be one fool in a million who just stops drinking it the way I did through a sheer act of will. There is evidence it actually damages DNA permanently in some cases and the corrupted genes are passed on even into the children. What aspartame has done to the world cannot be underestimated. It has already killed possibly millions of people.

Of one thing I am certain.

Putting it into food was no accident on the part of those who were behind it.

Man is Not A Learning Animal

People are stupid. The average person, after they reach the age of 5 or thereabouts, will never again really be capable of learning anything, ever. They will live and die without ever applying their own observations to the ideas they have received or embraced when they were younger and adapt their opinions to reflect what they have acquired.

Men don't learn. Only genetic freaks, mutants and weirdos like me have the potential to ever acquire new ideas, modify their own minds and absorb new perspectives. This is why the leftist, who is the very epitome of closemindedness, is the most ridiculous fool of them all, always claiming to be "progressive." People like this cannot ever progress anywhere. For them, the Dark Ages are forever, it is a cage they can never escape. They may change flavors but these pigs will always go back and wallow in their own filth of one kind or another. Marxism, for example.

This Was The Last Straw For John Stossel

Note that Stossel, a good and righteous Jew who has done more to hold back the darkness in America than almost any other human being in recent history, got canned immediately after this broadcast. The liberal scumbags who run the mass media had only been putting him on because of his consistently incredible ratings.

Christ says we will know God's children because of their fruits, that they are salt and light against the advancement of wickedness and any such people are divinely inspired if they fight against the lies and deceptions of the accursed angel and his hordes. It appears Stossel is being picked up by Fox, which goes to show you they know how to pull in the viewers and always have.

Check out this other special by Stossel on what are unquestionably some of the dumbest humans to ever exist on this planet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Late Night Horror Show

You can't find me a whimsical "what-if" in the Sunday Supplements of the 1960's that hasn't come to pass.

The biggest fear of our ancestors was the weaponization of space and the carnage it would lead to in World War III.

We live in the worst of all possible worlds during the worst of all possible times. It wouldn't be so hopeless if we still had Americans left to fight this great evil, but that country has been neutralized from the inside and it's people left no better than vegetables on legs.

People in the mass are hopelessly doomed ... but there is always hope for the individual, the family, the ideals of our once great civilization.

What My Next Shelter Is Going To Look Like

Very nice. This is what happens when people get serious about this subject.

Awesome. I like the sheer mass, it's daunting.

Of course, when this is completed it will merely serve as a guest house until I can build something similar to these ...

Colossal Vaults Underground

BUMP : Watch!!!

This might be "Captain Trips" brewing in the Ukraine.

Go For The Kiddies

As Marxists have done for centuries, they try to do an end run around the parents and get to the children directly.

The parents aren't listening anymore and so nothing is too low for these slimy corrupters of children, including striking terror into infants with their lurid bullsh*t and bug-eyed bolshevist "science."

You have no idea what the New World Order wants to do with your children. They like it that way because if you ever found out, there'd be an all-night firing squad that would never fall quiet on the White House lawn for years.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kwanzania is a Doomed Nation

If any of these men were alive today they would defect to Russia or China to escape this festering hellhole. Before they left they'd have a hearty laugh at people so stupid they think enshrining class stratification in a caste system of victim categories is what they were talkng about when they said all men should be equal before the law.

From slavery to freedom, from freedom to apathy, from apathy to decadence, from decadence to tyranny and then back to slavery. Manboons are incapable of learning and will always destroy themselves with their own stupidity.

Any place run by a Kenyan will start to look, feel and smell like Kenya.

Barry Soetoro had no objections to his own press team declaring he was "Kenyan born" for the past twenty years, but all of a sudden midway through his campaign this fact went down the memory hole. Kwanzans are too stupid to continue living, period. Note how his actual name is fluid and changes dynamically from year to year. This guy has more aliases than a professional traveling conman. For years his own press crew spelled his name differently or even alternately, like "Barrack Obama" and on other days "Barock Obama." Can this guy make up his mind who he is? Does he even know himself anymore? If he doesn't remember, I'm sure Rahm Emmanuel or his other handlers will pull him aside and tell him.

"Hey ... This Stuff Doesn't ... Like ... Work."

That's what neocons are going to be saying about ballistic missile defense the morning when World War III starts.

Their plan ten years ago was to build this thing by stealth to encircle Russia and then crush it with a surprise strike at some point to remove it from the geopolitical playing field once and for all.

That plan is now going to fail for three reasons:

1. The technology they based their plans on was crap.

2. Russia woke up to them, realized what was going on and is now preparing the same strategy in reverse.

3. The Kwa lost most of it's friends and allies to Russian and Chinese circles of influence when they were assumed to simply stay under their thumb. That didn't happen.

Neocons couldn't run a lemonade stand for thirty minutes without killing themselves and burning down half the neighborhood in the bargain. They're incompetent even at incompetency.

BUMP : Hemmorhagic Pneumonia in the Ukraine!!

Unknown. Not related to H1N1. Right out of left field. The number of infected and fatalities is growing by the hour. No quarantine on travelers to and from Ukraine as of yet, to be expected it has already escaped.

Watch this. The fact they are trying to establish a link between this and H1N1 when there appears to be none may be a flag that this is another bioweapon trial after the first one performed so poorly against expectations. Are they going further back in the fridge now to get more dangerous batches out at the Baxter labs?

"This one will have to work. We've seen it kill primates in hours. Let's scatter this in the Ukraine and see if we can get some more rubes to come in for the vaccine." Funny coincidences, all the time in a short period, are not coincidences. They represent a pattern that is reflecting some concealed truth that somebody is trying to present as natural forces at work.

The Forecast Is For An Extended Chill

It's going to be cold and it's going to be long. Pack your rice.

Life In The Barnyard

More killshots injected into kiddies without parents consent.

This is the end game of all socialism. It always ends with a triage going to the knackers when time permits, just as Boxer was shipped off in ANIMAL FARM.

Make another man your master, he will hold you in contempt and in time will regard your life as a mere commodity.