Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Need To Get To Work On That Time Machine

... but I've got to finish Vault-OS first.

I'll take a stack of "BLACKS-ON-BLONDES" DVDs, some current magazines and pictures of modern day Britain.

Fact : I will have every single British soldier who escapes Dunkirk return home in German uniform under the command of the Nazis. The Germans will conquer Britain with the help of these turncoats within 24 hours. Whatever happens after that, it can't get any worse.


Anonymous said...

I understand the sentiment, but I'm glad enough members of the 'greatest generation' are still alive to witness the fruits of their efforts. This is the same generation that voted in the socialists who would eventually bring multiculturalism and gay rights. I hardly feel sorry for them.

Andrew said...

Knocking the clock back to 1605 might be a better idea. Regardless I don't favor living under Hitler any more appealing than living under a King, EU president, Lab/Lib/Con or any other crackpot.

It's true that you'd have to be mentally unstable to not notice the change in behavior which at one time would've been shunned and now has seemingly become the norm probably from the 60's onwards.

Worst still are the dim-bulbs who seek to emulate the destructive behavior of other groups through various talentless influences in tv/music/film.

Just of out interest these are the kind of clowns that now govern this country.
We'll just have to see whether the recent rise of the "far-right" paired with this country's island status will be enough to save it.

As a slightly unrelated point I can't quite place you Cleve - the post is clearly demeaning yet truthful and dare I say mournful.

Texas Arcane said...

I hate the Nazis. Not because the television tells me I should but because they trampled everything in 1400 years of European culture under their feet and gave nothing back. Without God, all the political ideologies of men are vanity and sheer pettiness. People who think because the trains run on time under fascists that this crap is to be preferred are just at the opposite end of the spectrum from the decadence of multikult and globalism.

I believe that things are so bad now in Britain, they could not possibly have been even worse under German occupation. Most veterans feel the same way.

Bernard Schneider said...

Most veterans don't think much about anything anymore. All the fluoride in the water made sure of that.