Monday, November 2, 2009

"Hey ... This Stuff Doesn't ... Like ... Work."

That's what neocons are going to be saying about ballistic missile defense the morning when World War III starts.

Their plan ten years ago was to build this thing by stealth to encircle Russia and then crush it with a surprise strike at some point to remove it from the geopolitical playing field once and for all.

That plan is now going to fail for three reasons:

1. The technology they based their plans on was crap.

2. Russia woke up to them, realized what was going on and is now preparing the same strategy in reverse.

3. The Kwa lost most of it's friends and allies to Russian and Chinese circles of influence when they were assumed to simply stay under their thumb. That didn't happen.

Neocons couldn't run a lemonade stand for thirty minutes without killing themselves and burning down half the neighborhood in the bargain. They're incompetent even at incompetency.

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