Thursday, November 12, 2009

Globowarmthinkery and Peak Oil are Scams

How long have we been saying this on Vault-Co?

Since 1998, when the first page went up. I remember this was in the third column on the right side of the TEXAS ARCANE SURVIVAL REPORT, which was formatted to look like the Drudge Report page. I said that both global warming and peak oil were frauds designed to keep the price of oil high. I had not read THE COMING SUPERSTORM, ICE AGE NOW or ORIGINS OF THE FOURTH WORLD WAR when I made these predictions. Many of these ideas I only had inklings of at the time, whereas now I understand the mechanisms involved only too well after ten continuous years of reading and study.

On this same page was a prediction by me of a fake terror event to be staged in "coming years" in America either on the Statue of Liberty or the World Trade Center, either by stooges or unwilling pawns of the elite.

I announced in the next update that India would defect into the arms of China, Russia would return resurgent under the leadership of the former KGB and China would start the largest military buildup in world history for the express intention of fighting and winning a nuclear war with America. I suggested Taiwan would be the flashpoint for this war.

Shortly thereafter, I predicted the "nightmare scenarios" involving the weaponization of space and low earth orbit were inevitable in a later update to the page. I also predicted a wide series of plagues and disease would soon afflict mankind. I developed this conviction after reading THE COMING PLAGUE by Laurie Garrett about antibiotic resistant staph.


lysander said...

I fell for the peak oil bunk, despite my uneasiness concerning Matthew Simmons's fanatical championing of it. He is the CEO of a bank that provides investment money for oil projects.Now why would he be a heretic, hmm? That bothered me until it dawned on me what a scam it is. Just like global warming. In fact, any theory that has major media or industry support is bullocks, and all the 'fringe nutjobs' like Tex are the only ones telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

I still believe in peak oil and I think global warming is a scam.

The former was never really advocated that strongly by the mainstream media--mostly by internet bloggers and oil market speculators.

At worst, peak oil was pump and dump. Oil is still priced at $75 a barrel and no matter what the abiotic believers will spout, the lifting costs for the black stuff are much higher than they were 50 years ago.

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