Thursday, November 19, 2009

Globowarmthinkers Demonstrate All The Symptoms of Clinical Psychosis

All the symptoms associated with psychosis.

The police will arrest a person like this after he has chopped up a couple members of his family with a machete and ask him, Why'd you do it? He'll chortle and stare back at them. You have to be kidding me. They had all planned to kill me. I just got to them first. Surely you can see that? I mean, it's obvious. I can't even believe you would question me about it. I was just clever enough to proactively kill them before they could do it to me.

Globowarmthinkers can't understand what has caused the "temporary pause" in the warming. Is it possible there never was any warming trend to begin with? They stare at you incredulously. Are you serious? How can somebody even ask a question like that?

Al Gore has been making a brilliant case for his arguments - with Photoshop.

It's a freak circus parade of madmen, lunatics and sociopaths on the road to a one world government

Ban Ki-Moon urges unemployable losers and charlatans worldwide not to give up hope on this gravy train. It beats having to work for a living, he reminds them all.


Anonymous said...

Karl Denninger at Ticker Forum posted a link to downloadable files hacked/stolen from a "Global Climate Center" that has proof of manipulation of data. Here is a link to his forum post.
In the forum post further Down he has a link to the zip file.
Here's the link to the zip file:


j said...


I really love it when they use that term; it's just so fitting. Because it shows a complete lack of understanding on how science works; i.e., not by consensus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tex, can I get a first?

I got a feeling the other day the singularity had already occurred - this dropped only today and is spreading fast!

Anonymous said...

CLEVE! You missed one. Here you go big guy, I'll just leave this here for you.