Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Fake Pandemic Was Supposed To Cause A Real Pandemic

This is Vault-Co's take on the events of the past year.

1. A biologically engineered virus called H1N1 was released on purpose by Baxter Pharmaceuticals. It was intended to cause a severe flu season. This bug flopped. Within a few months it had mutated into a fairly harmless strain. This often happens with bioweapons, you never know what they will do.

2. The mass media was nevertheless primed for months before the event with instructions to whip up mass hysteria about the pandemic that would follow. A comical disconnect followed, with the media screaming louder and louder about a flu strain that was more and more harmless.

3. The plan had been all along to drive people into their doctors where they would be deliberately injected with a powerful adjuvant solution that would make their immune systems hypersensitized to the cytokine storm of the next bug they intended to release, the big one.

4. Flustered that all their plans were yielding ridiculous outcomes, the decision was made to release the second big bug in the Ukraine and get the media to tell everyone it was H1N1. Of course, it is a radically different flu that causes lethal pneumonia in the lungs. They intended to use the second bug to force the population to come in and get that injection they had planned to use all along after the first release failed so miserably to accomplish this. In order to insure a substantial infection rate, planes did overflights of the Ukraine spraying this nasty retroviral as an aerosol.

It is unknown at this time if this Ukrainian pneumonia is going to become a pandemic or not. It may be far less contagious person-to-person than it is when inhaling an aerosol you are deliberately sprayed with. This goes to show you that real life is often a lot harder to engineer outcomes in than influencing sheeple minds through the mass media.


Bernard Schneider said...

God hates USA. Soon. Soooooon.

Anonymous said...

Russia could withdraw from WHO if allegations about swine flu corruption are proven true.

Also, Russian scientists have developed their own vaccine which, as first tests show, is completely safe.

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