Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Edjumfacation In Action

Our society is living a lie, built on deception and trimmed with dreams. What they want never was and can never be. No matter how many people fake it for how long, they will never change the fundamental realities of existence.

Even when I am the last living man on Earth who knows something is wrong and I am outnumbered to the contrary by seven billion others with a different consensus, I'll still be right and they will all still be wrong. My perception beats their collective wishing, hands down.

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Anonymous said...

Mr T

Another hot-house, PC-spawned academic sans credentials or intellect. Kinda like Obongos' buddy over at Hahvuhd, Chip !

Reality-based participants are gonna do better than the opposites. Eventually the universe is gonna adjust for the parasitic loads