Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ed Begley Jr. Has Mental Collapse On Live Television Over ClimateGate

Spooky, creepy, skin-curdling people. Very scary. Makes me think of druids and giant Wicker Men burning with virgins inside of them.

One guy like this is not a problem. He needs to be institutionalized. Poor lad is clearly a couple cans shy of a six-pack. You multiply this nut times a million and you can see the problem.

I would compare any ignorant medieval peasant with this jackass and you would find the peasant would come out better in terms of rational thinking.

When the poor guy goes completely off the rails he starts yelling about the light inside of an easy bake toy oven. Then it's back to the air quality in Los Angeles. He's trying to think. With mixed results.


Anonymous said...

Evidence of a pole shift in the past? Or evidence that we don't know jack about the earth's climate history...?

Anonymous said...

So he only considers those with a degree in climate research to be worthy to comment on it?

What does he say of Pachauri, the HEAD OF THE IPCC whose only educational credentials are 'railway engineer' ?

What is bringing them down is not the big bad oil companies, but a bunch of bloggers on the internet.

Andrew said...

"Empty vessels make the most noise" comes to mind - raised voice, threatening gestures and interruption - the hallmarks of a debate with an idiot who has no argument - that doesn’t excuse Fox either they’re equally contemptible.

Most rational people weigh up the averages of new technology/methods and choose to switch over or not. This clown doesn't want you to weigh up the averages - he's talking (when pressed) about conforming without question. Listen to only the news sources/studies/scientists - he approves and if you don’t - you’re a bad person/unpatriotic/denier/racist/substitute your favourite demonization in here. If the fix involves individuals entering your house, backdoor taxation or other more heinous avenues he’s likely all for it.

I actually believe in several generations time when the masses communicate through a series of grunts due to non-existent education and a history rewrite - we’ll have advocates of that old joke an “air tax” - a dollar/pound/euro a breath perhaps - good luck if you can’t afford it.

I’m sure there are ill effects to dropping toxic waste in the sea, etc - just as overhunting has made species extinct. Waste is a sin after all. I’ll maintain a sceptic until we see absolute transparency with regards to the figures. Only the terminally na├»ve could argue that these representatives are the bastions of morality with no earthly gain.

j said...

I've run into a lot of people like this; perfectly pleasant... until they realize you're a "denier," and then they're frothing with rage. And they don't even realize how cult-like the behavior is.

Anonymous said...

My left wing sister goes off her rocker like this Ed Begley guy, when it comes to politics. And yes, when I mentioned Climategate, she said sharply, "I don't want to discuss politics!"

Global warming = politics, not science? :)

Anonymous said...

Might be this blog's best piece of writing on the net!

Anonymous said...

I agree completely..