Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Death Injection Has Been Given To The 'Kwa

Nobody got to read the bill. Pelosi called the vote on a Saturday to make certain people would get "legislation" without representation.

Two groups of people here.

People who are so stupid they do as they are told and believe whatever someone says to them, no matter how insipid it is. Leftards are people who think they know everything when experience shows they not only know nothing, they don't even know what they don't know. That's the first group, the majority - the useful idiots.

Then there is the second group. People who know they just destroyed the United States - that was the goal for them to begin with.

So, we're done. It took 46 years from the day I was born to get here.

The United States of America died today. Que sera sera. Eaten out by sociopaths from the inside like every other nation in recorded history. Sociopaths can't get a grip for their teeth on a country until the majority fall into group one described above.

An ignorant nation that wants to be free wants what has never been and never can be. People that stupid can never keep freedom for long before somebody takes it away from them.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

Though I am opposed to national health insurance as a whole, I don't understand how this is much different in substance from Australia's system, or the system of another western country. Almost every western country has this kind of system: Germany has had it since the time of Bismarck. Though countries that have it will pay for it and the system will become more untenable as time goes on, that kind of system doesn't seem to cause the destruction of those countries.

Anonymous said...

That's doubleplusgood news from the Department of Health, and it only costs 1 trillion, Department of Prosperity agrees this is good to, doubleplusgood for the sheeple, when do we get a chocolate ration rise?

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson once bypassed the Consititutional requirement for the Congress to declare war, and attacked the Barbary States under the pretense of national defense, just for the sake of appeasing interests of American traders in the Middle East who wanted easier passage through the Mediterranean against Barbary navy which demanded toll for passage.

The man always said he believed in seperation of powers and putting individual liberty over interests of political class.

George Washington once raised an army of 13,000 people to be used against all those who opposed the tax on carriages.

He was the same man who led a war against a tyrannical government for its taxation and unfair rule over its people.

This "second group" you just talked about - people who know what is right and wrong, and are precisely in touch with the reality of things, and still knowingly do immoral things - have existed as long as the American state existed. Even a freeman can not accept freedom when he is in the charge of state. That is the tragic reality of it all. The difference is really just

Texas Arcane said...

Sumptos, government health care destroyed Australia a long, long time ago.

Don't think that just because we don't have famines every day like in Somalia. This country hasn't been working in a long time.

Socialism is the death of a thousand cuts and it takes forever to run it's course. Men who ask for no more in life than do barnyard animals are the last ones to notice something is wrong. Freemen experience it every day and it's like a hot wire pulled through your liver.

Australia is just as sick and diseased as the U.S., it's just ten years behind.

I know a guy here who recently lost his mother to a lethal injection given by an unqualified doctor "accidentally." No lawsuits possible, of course, jut apologies.