Monday, November 2, 2009

BUMP : Hemmorhagic Pneumonia in the Ukraine!!

Unknown. Not related to H1N1. Right out of left field. The number of infected and fatalities is growing by the hour. No quarantine on travelers to and from Ukraine as of yet, to be expected it has already escaped.

Watch this. The fact they are trying to establish a link between this and H1N1 when there appears to be none may be a flag that this is another bioweapon trial after the first one performed so poorly against expectations. Are they going further back in the fridge now to get more dangerous batches out at the Baxter labs?

"This one will have to work. We've seen it kill primates in hours. Let's scatter this in the Ukraine and see if we can get some more rubes to come in for the vaccine." Funny coincidences, all the time in a short period, are not coincidences. They represent a pattern that is reflecting some concealed truth that somebody is trying to present as natural forces at work.

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Anonymous said...

Hemorrhagic pneumonitis is a key feature of the Haanta virus, and many entities - national and private - have had that critter in their freezers for decades. Hell, it's available over on the west side of town, in an unsecured national monument site outbuilding.

Public Health officials are ineptitude incarnate. They follow orders from their Overlords.

Whether intentionally or accidentally, they've created chimeral organisms that are no longer under their control, and it's gonna get ugly.

The difficulty in serotyping SARS was due to this "un-natural" mix of genome And let's not forget where it originated .... western China, very near a bio facility, and the provincial home of Russias' former bioweapon manager, Akantjan Alibeckhov, who "defected" to the West

Ohio Dude