Thursday, October 22, 2009

Right Before The Flag Goes Up, Even The Sheeple Manage To Figure Out What Has Happened

It's like that joke in CITY SLICKERS ... "Even the cows can operate the VCR by now."

Stupidity leads to death. Collectives and consensus won't protect you. 99% of human beings in the West have the wrong paradigm for the world around them because they are placid, vapid morons.

While the West argues about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, the Russians are fixing to wax some ass. The stark gulf between the Russian leadership and the Amerikwan government is so broad it can only be compared to a bunch of kindergarden children facing off against a platoon of Navy SEALS. The poor Kwanzanians can barely focus their thoughts long enough to come to a conclusion.

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Comrade said...

Our politicians look at the Russians testing new nuclear weapons and the best they can say publicly is "they're cheating"? Well boo-hoo, imagine that! The Russians are also building a new generation of anti-ship missile that is even more deadly than the ones they have now, against which we have no defense. They are still building the largest underground bunker in Yamantau mountain which is in the southern Urals. They have been working on this colossus since the 1980's. Busy little beaver's, those Ivans. And all the while the Russki's prepare these things and more, we sit back in our plastic chair in McD's with our f--king happy meal in front of us wondering..."Gee whiz, Wally, why do you suppose they're doing that?" America will be either cremated to a fine powder or it will surrender without a shot being fired. Figure Russian and Chinese as the top two languages in the world very shortly.