Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Madmen, Socially Acquired Psychosis and Globowarmthinkery

A shame about that reality thing spoiling the best laid plans.

If this was to increase at this same rate for the next five years, the United States will cease to exist as a nation by 2014.

Something very odd is happening to the Heliosphere. There is an outside influence from somewhere beyond our Solar System. This is what sets the clock of the Ice Ages and magnetic reversals.


Anonymous said...

The ribbon explained:

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Chris Matthews asks dumb, poorly-worded, and repetitive questions like:

"What scenarios do you live in?"

"Why are you organizing people about the plausibility of concentration camps in this country--of the landing of foreign troops--What foreign troops would be landed in the United States?"

(While saying this, Matthews's stare is vacant.) "So you're putting people together on a kind of a war footing preparing them to be vigilant and to be--to be ready to challenge the imposition of foreign troops in this country, the creation of concentration--you know what I think you're up to?--is creating a mind set getting--I heard some people the other day talking about the battle: we have to keep the battle going. You want to have people in a militant environment, where they think militantly with this sense of, perhaps, taking steps at some point against the goverment or thr--taking--not taking orders or in someway rebelling: so you keep people in a mindset of right-wing thinking, so you can achieve some immediate political goal--and I'm just wondering whether you're getting to vote [sic] right-wing--what are you trying to get people to do in the next year or two or ten years before this Armageddon strugle occurs."

"Yeah, so you believe we have the possibility in this country of violating [sic] the Constitution under Barack Obama that you see coming?"

"How many hours a day do you worry about the Constitution being undermined by Barack Obama?"

There are many more. Basically, the questions are designed to make the guest appear as having paranoia and delusional fantasies, but when you look at the wording, you really have to wonder who is it that has the mental problems.

Anonymous said...

Hunting banned in parts of Austria after hailstones kill 90pc of wild game



hitfan said...

Vault-Co, just wondering what you think of this video:

Texas Arcane said...

Hitfan, I think Amerikwa is finished. It doesn't matter what they do now. It's very close to the end. If they want to legally marry their horses, they should do it now. Their time is very short.

Civilizations are founded for the protection of women and children and to organize for the security and integrity of the heterosexual family. When they forget this, their days are numbered.

hitfan said...

Thank you for your honest and succinct answer. Your words cut through like a knife.

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