Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kwanstainian Future Now Locked In Beyond All Hope Of Remedy

You can drive nature out with a pitchfork, sir, but be assured she will always return. Would you spend your inheritance and all your worldly possessions in an attempt to train pack mules to be thoroughbred racing horses? No? What about the very best trainers, the best stables, the finest equipment and fancy dress for the mules?

Yet what has happened in the former United States is a thousand times more ridiculous than that endeavour.

There is a reason the world looks the way it does. Men make their own fortunes through the expression of their own innermost nature. It is not the soil beneath their feet but rather the fertility of their own souls that dictates their fates. It's not the passage of laws but rather the passage of feet that change history. Demographics is destiny.

Nothing will save the Kwanstain.


Anonymous said...

So, hows dat Cultimulcheralism working' for ya now ?

Thunderdome is ahead, at least until we clean out politicians and their hothouse scum, and by clean I mean "remediate with extreme prejudice" TTP ... Two Tarp Protocol

The Political Klass and their apologists in mediatainment and the judiciary will inform We the Peasantry that the real victims are the poor little sociopaths who committed this violation of Human Code. Read what the "sociologist" says to explain this crime, and then consider this ... he TEACHES college mouthbreathers

BTW, Obongos' next big push will be Universal Dispensation for this kinda Turd World baboonville

CA Town Rattled by GangRape of 15yo


lysander said...

That is a great analogy. It says it all about this doomed, soon-to-be, pit of Hell.

Anonymous said...