Sunday, October 18, 2009

The 'Kwa is Ten Years Behind South Africa

... and then you won't get news like this at all, not even from local sources. It will be a drop in a sea of violence and inhumanity so deep that it will not warrant even talking about anymore as far as the media is concerned.

St. Louis was a beautiful city before it got enriched. It had that lovely quality that is acquired by places where lots of whites formerly lived that just seems to bake into the surroundings by osmosis. Obviously, when the demographics change, the sky darkens and the earth quakes with blood in response as if it is shedding the goodness that was once there.

Diversity means losing control over your own misanthropes and criminals because it relinquishes all standards altogether. Young males have little respect for their elders when they see how powerless and cowed they are by strangers.

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Anonymous said...

What a horrible story. It seems like a terrible lesson, but what else can you do but pack up and leave once the neighbourhood has turned against you.

Thank God for the policewoman's actions. I think her instincts were dead on about being herded into the basement to be executed and she definitely saved their lives by her actions.