Sunday, October 18, 2009

If You Read Vault-Co, You Would Have Had Ten Years Warning Over The Rest Of The Planet

Kiss the sun goodbye. It's gone on holiday. It should be back in 12,000 years or so. 'Til then it's every man for themselves.

Many major cities will become uninhabitable death camps in the winter reduced to Donner Party style desperation. If no trucks can get in to deliver food and oil, what do you think human beings will eat? It doesn't take long for them to discover a source of food that still remains.

It's a pathetic way for our civilization to die, going out preparing for global warming before the end of the Holocene. It's our legacy and how future historians will remember us - a planet of fools whose entire existence was comic relief.

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Anonymous said...

Found something related to the solar cycles that could interest you.

""The BBC reports that researchers at the University of Edinburgh have found that Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) somehow makes trees grow faster. GCRs vary according to the 11-year solar cycle, with more GCRs hitting the Earth during solar minimum when there is a lull in the solar wind, which normally acts to protect the inner solar system from external galactic radiation. The mechanism might have something to do with GCRs increasing cloud cover, which diffuses sunlight and increases the efficiency of photosynthesis. Nevertheless, the researchers remain mystified and are requesting further ideas and research collaboration to test hypotheses. (How about Radiation Hormesis, AKA 'Vitamin-R?')"