Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food Will Never Be This Cheap Again

All the indicators point to ever increasing prices for basic grains and staples for many, many years to come. The end of 2009 might be the last time you get to stock up on cheap, affordable storage food. If you have the money, I highly recommend it.

Remember, you could do worse than powdered milk, white rice, sardines, tuna fish, wheat biscuits, oats and lots of sugar. They are available just about anywhere in the developed world and they remain relatively cheap and most important of all they will last very long in storage.

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Mr T

Saw this and had forwarded it this morning. I've sat at RR crossings in upstate OH and watched ADM tanker cars full of ethanol going by for minutes at a time. Lost food chasing fake green dreams

My recommendation for non-hybrid seed packs are some folks who've been doing it for a long while and ARE NOT government fronts hoovering info from the booboisie

Best Price Storeable Foods
The Ark Institute
Baker Creek Heirlooms
The Seed Kingdom

$200 of play money will get you a lot of seed right now. Act