Monday, October 26, 2009

Exterminate The Useless Eaters

The WHO organization has been perfecting genocide in the three-dose killshot in third world countries for decades and now the technology is finally perfected enough to use on the obsolete and troublesome inhabitants of the West it was intended for. It is likely a two-doser today, with perhaps the first half of the key already there.

Of course part of the plan would involve killing off most of the best microbiologists in the world in advance, those who might be competent to examine the multiple parts of the vaccines and discover the hidden viral payloads inside.

Kill the hoi polloi before they start to wake up or else change them into passive females. Male is a complicated process that produces creatures capable of resistance to authority, whereas female simply happens in the absence of anything else.

Soon the campaign for mandatory vaccinations will begin and if your children go to public school then sorry, it will simply be administered with or without your permission.

The plan will be implemented because there won't be anybody left to oppose it. Whosoever depopulates his enemy, defenestrates his opposition.

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Cover-up of the mercury-autism scandal: