Monday, October 19, 2009

Do Kwanzanians Actually Register When They Have Lost An Ally and Gained An Enemy?

For more than ten years, Vault-Co has been predicting that India would move out of America's orbit and fall into the alliance of China and Russia. The United States basically slept through this enormous shift in allegiances which will render it utterly helpless and isolated in World War III.

It's going to be a shutout game and the Kwa is going to bake right down to bedrock.

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Anonymous said...

The problem lies with the cryptoCommieProgressiveLeftLibs who've worked their way into the nodes of control in the West.

They reside in government, mediatainment, legal-judicioary scumlayer, and faux-edukasun. They do not inhabit any of the Productive Servile Arts. And they will be among the first to assume room-temp when it comes time to debride

The military actually understands this gameboard .... "Risk" is actually used in War College training, and anyone who can see the worlds' structure and has played this game understands our tenuous position. We have ceased being capable, productive and moral. And now we're about to be cut off from our suppliers.

I like your use of the word "Remnant" since it captures the several roles that will fall on those who've prepared.