Friday, October 16, 2009

Did We Lose A War, People?

Sasha Faal's site. Sorry, but it's still an interesting comparison.

Hiroshima has long since recovered and prospered. Amerikwa is starting to look like the entire country was nuked and has never recovered.

Who betrayed that nation from the inside? Something like that doesn't happen by accident. The sheer speed in forty years boggles the mind. From the world's largest creditor to bankrupt porno capital of the planet.

Things like this don't happen by accident. They happen by design.

A nation needs leaders they choose, not those chosen by others for them. Read the article and see how Jack Ryan was mysteriously scandalized and driven from the senate race by insiders who made a mountain out of a molehill. Convenient for their Kenyan-born pet, Barack, being groomed for the Presidency.


hitfan said...

Demographically speaking, New York City is pretty close to Detroit, esp. outside of Manhattan. The former though is propped up by whitey who pays for the cost of doing business there.

Detroit is what happens when multiculturalism is not propped up by mana from whitey -- with the jobs long gone (foreign car companies would rather be located in "right to work" states in the South), the "diverse" people revert to their natural instincts and destroy their environment.

More Democrats voted to bailout the big banks than Republicans last year. They know that if they didn't vote that way, the system would collapse and create a nightmare of bongo parties and TNB. But all they did is prolong the inevitable.

Blood is thicker than water. When people are starving and poor, the true religion of "racism/chauvinism" will come back with a vengeance and destroy the dream of false cosmopolitanism.

Anonymous said...

Who owns the televitz and newspapers? Who owns Hollywood and the porn industry and who lobbies for it? Who is massively over represented in university liberal departments? Who is massively over represented in law and finance?

When you can answer all of these questions, you will see a big part of the problem. The other part is gullible, decadent, stupid whites.

Anonymous said...

Yea you lost a war, after the gullible West had helped the jews destroy Germany, the jews than just declared war on the West, and they won.