Saturday, October 17, 2009

David Hare on the Schizophrenic Looking Away

It's actually a profound article if you read it carefully.

A basic Vault-Co premise is that people in declining civilizations approaching the end know this subconsciously and their instincts are geared to anaesthetize them so they feel no real pain when they perish. Biology narcotizes them the way they do condemned prisoners under Sharia law as their execution date approaches. They know deep down the final stroke is coming and therefore nothing is to be gained by having them retain their faculties for critical thinking. That only remains sharp in the Remnant, the biological reserve that nature keeps who are designed to survive these junctures.

Have you ever seen a baby straining so hard to avert his lips from a spoon of food he practically twists around backwards in his seat to look away? That's the way people ignore reality in declining societies. They lose any real hope. They just want to be left alone, like a sick animal that has crawled back into it's burrow and is waiting to die.

I figure if you are one of the Remnant and live at one of these historical junctures, you're going to have some very odd experiences trying to communicate with the damned around you. Basically, no common context with any of these people, who mostly want to watch spectator sports, drink beer and avoid any contact with reality altogether.

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