Monday, October 19, 2009

Bill Maher Makes Sense For First Time In His Life

Check out the celebrities on his show and the looks on their face when somebody starts thinking around them. They are manifestly uncomfortable with reasoning and thinking about anything. Our civilization was not built by people like this.

I admire Bill for saying what any reasonable person thinks in private but is forbidden to say on the televitz.


andyboots37 said...

It really is mindboggling how sensibility, reason and independent thought are attacked and lampooned.

What baffles me even more is the sheer audacity of it.

It's like the majority mindset is shamelessly saying- "Yeah, everything people like Bill Maher are saying makes sense and is true, but we really don't care because we have agenda and we are going to follow through with it--what are you gonna do about it?"

hitfan said...

But Bill called global warming "established science", but a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal like him has to take that stance, I suppose.

Mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines. Whatever health benefits one might get from vaccination is probably a wash considering the mercury and other substances put in them.

The best cure for a flu or cold is several glasses of water and about 12 hours of sleep.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher. Liberal, comedian, potsmoker, atheist and one of the few leftist obama-critics allowed to appear on television. Love that guy :) His critisism on the american diet and appendance on medication is spot on.

I'm suprised you watch his show, Tex. You like his sense of humor or is this more a case of know thy enemy?


hitfan said...

He had a show called "Politically Incorrect" -- watched it for about 2 weeks. His form of political incorrectness involved savaging the right while taking the occasional jab at the left when they did something to piss him off.

I heard about the time when David Duke appeared on that show, and he had a good quip: " appears that I am too politically incorrect for _Politically Incorrect_".

But he had one redeeming quality, he was unusually kind to Ron Paul and was gracious to him when he appeared on his show.

Anonymous said...

Tex ...

Staged. They are actors. A lot of money waits ... and the king of lies.

I immediately dug out my dvd of John Boormans "Excalibur" - my laptop defaulted to the wedding scene, in particular Morgana's approach to Merlin, consider Lancelot's expressions!

j said...

"This is not settled science like global warming."

Lol. Had to throw that in there, didn't he?

I remember seeing a clip of Bill Maher making fun of Christopher Hitchens for saying that infant circumcision was wrong. Medical rationalist, Maher ain't.

Still, kudos to him for speaking out against the swine-flu vaccine; I personally despise the slimeball, but this raises my estimation of him ever so slightly.