Sunday, September 6, 2009

WHO Confesses They Create Pandemics As Well As Attempt To Fight Them

See what I am talking about with the entire planet becoming a colossal lunatic asylum?

Anybody out there who is scalping tickets on the Mothership, please put me and my family down for a couple when they make it back around this way. We've done enough observing of these nuts, now we want to go back home. It's crazy down here.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

My only Q? at this point is WHEN will they make their move with this tool. Here in NM the "state epidemiologists" have declared - as just one example of their ineptitude - that Haanta will not be likely below 7000', since its vector, the deer mouse, is not found below that level. I go out into a local shallow canyon which is about 5600' ... and one of the outbuildings near a visitor center has a biohazard sticker and is (poorly) sealed and secured. Haanta was found. I'm sure the mice, insects, hawks, prairie dogs, ground squirrels and coyotes have beenm immaculately isolated from the viral pool

How deep should we go ? Seriously


VX said...

Unrelated, but funny: cnbc talking head screams at youtuber who says financial armageddon is ahead. And the best insult Dennis Kneale can come up with is that the guy is in good shape:

Texas Arcane said...

Go three meters deep under crushed rock. Filter your incoming air with whatever means commercial or improvised is available to you and be sure to provide a decon area. Be prepared to take shelter for up to five years at a minimum. This is all you or anybody could expect to be able to do.