Saturday, September 19, 2009

The West Dies Whimpering In Madness

I honestly think this guy is a really good example of what is wrong with the entire Western world and why it's not going to ever get better. These kinds of human beings occupy the institutions from top to bottom. They have different flavours of insanity but the water is all drawn from a common well - postmodernism, deconstructionism and marxism. They had to destroy the real world before they could bottle this kind of crap and sell it to the masses in place of healthy ideas.

Cults of personality around similar idiots flourish in dying civilizations. Late Rome was full of strange cults clustered around absurd notions. Barack Obama is another one. This is where people end up when they know subconsciously they cannot exert any real change over their society anymore. They descend into lunacy and gibberish.

These people won't be landing on the moon again, I guarantee you. They'll be lucky if they can just keep the street lights on for a little while longer.


Anonymous said...

Christian mathematics take us to the moon, using Arabic numbers. OK, Arabic algebra too.

Between Tex and Tom, I can't decide who's the biggest fruitcake.

Anonymous said...

Caligula and Nero would seem sensible and grounded compared to that fruit-loop.

AUSSIE said...

There is no coming back for the Kwa!!

Anonymous said...

tom who?

andyboots37 said...

What always strikes me the most about these aquarian types is how passionate they are about a cause they can never quite seem to actually define. They specialize in big, incomplete ideas and analogies.

What's a little eerie is Tom's "spectators have to get in the game get out of the arena" platitude. WTF? What's the game and where do the unwilling participants go who are ushered out of the arena?