Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Batting average pretty good by now. If you know somebody even better, give me a link to their site, I want to read them.

A crap idea with no logic or scientific proof behind it of any kind and yet large numbers of sheeple have believed in the notion religiously for over a hundred years

Secular people think Christian faith is "ridiculous" and yet it pales beside the kind of gibberish that ordinary men and woman accept purely on word-of-mouth and repetition from the idiots in the mass media who hate their guts and feed them lies around the clock. Hillaire Belloc was right - once a man no longer believes in God, he'll believe in anything. If people with ordinary intelligence abandon their framework of theology so that there is nothing standing between their brain and the State, they will be stuffed to the gills with knee-slapping Monty Pythonesque rubbish by sundown.


VX said...

I'd have a "pretty good batting average", too, if I took every vaguely apocalyptic news and every article disputing some mainstream scientific opinion and then claim I predicted is.

You have, however, rarely predicted anything correctly. In fact, whenever you gave concrete events or dates, you where wrong.

Add to that that you have displayed your ignorance on an incredibly varied amount of subject - ranging from history over the various sciences and the literature you misquote to the network development you claim you're doing - and the picture is that of somebody who is more wrong than anybody else I've seen in my life.

You got the general direction the world is headed, of course, and you may even have spotted it earlier than the most - but beyond that? Nada.

You are what happens when an intelligent kid gets stuck in public school. Meeting no peers early on in their life, they conclude that they do not exist at all, and when they finally meet some, they are unable to recognize them.

Enjoy your delusions of grandeur.

Texas Arcane said...

I'm glad you're being big about this. Be terrible if you saw this as some kind of contest, particularly since you would have lost.

Link to your blog, thanks.

VX said...

"Link to your blog, thanks."

I never claimed to predict anything, so there is no need for me to back up such claims.

How about everytime you predicted something, you link to that prediction from ten years back, instead of just claiming to have done so?

How about you link to five predictions? Two? One?

You are boastful, and at times, it seems, lying. But in the end, that is not mine to judge, and perhaps it is not us you are lying to.

"For if any person thinks himself to be somebody when he is nobody, he deceives and deludes and cheats himself."

"Be not wise in your own eyes; reverently fear and worship the Lord and turn away from evil. "

For what's it worth, I do thank you for holding watch, however self-absorbed, loud-mouthed and tainted with hate for our black brothers.

Texas Arcane said...

How about every time I predict something, you search through my blog for it? I can't be bothered.

If you really love them, why do you need to bring them here? Why not go and live with them instead of boring old unperfected whitey land? Do you really believe you have that right? How can you give somebody's nation away to somebody else without their permission?

Do you claim the right for yourself to bring strangers from foreign lands and move them onto the lands of others? Do you have any idea how sick and unhealthy all that is? It sounds positively Luciferian.

All we ever do is tell the truth on this blog. Are you a hater of truth? I think so.