Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes, The Mask Slips Away To Reveal The Hideous Thing That Is Beneath

Short video of Larry King and Clinton off-air before Clinton "was elected."

Just think about what these people think about you, sheeple. They despise you. You are less than a goat or a chicken to them. You are merely a domesticated animal managed like any other resource, until it is used up.


Anonymous said...

Mr T

heard a cogent observation from an acquaintance ....

Companies used to interact with employees thru Personnel Departments. That changed to "Human Resources" He observed that when you fill your gas tank, the gas is a resource, not a person. You feel no responsibility for the gas. That meme is now operative in BigCorps

The Left MUST control communication and language. Anything less would be doubleplusingood


Anonymous said...

demons HATE your life. understand their motivation and everything else makes sense. clinton and such are just garments they wear.

Texas Arcane said...

OhioDude, I use the same example you just did constantly when I'm talking to others about this.

There's something really, really wrong with someone who feels that they have to speak of a human being as a thing instead of a person. This was the paradigm behind the revulsion to the classic "Personnel." As our civilization was captured by sociopaths in our institutions, they had to change the language to suit them ... and they are hideously evil creatures.

sumptos devil s advocate said...

Obama translated:

Anonymous said...

unbloody real