Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Remember When "The New World Order" Was Just Conspiracy Nut Talk?

Getting close now. Not too much longer. Brace yourselves. Get your preps in order.

Last call for survival

Eclipse of empire ... No economy left for the 'Kwa to "recover"

Kwa money will soon be equitable with bird cage liner

Time for the global government to thin the herd out to required personnel

The 'cure' is much worse than the ill

Killshot for the sheeple will be mandatory

Barnyard stampede threatens orderly death injections

Any medicine being given away must be very bad for you indeed

You have been marked as obsolete cattle and must be humanely euthanized

World Bank warns that the global currency is coming, soon

Insatiable ammo hoarding in United States verging on mass panic

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Anonymous said...

Not only a coincidence between the vaccine for the H1N1 flu shot and the sterilization vaccine used on animals can be made based on their composition, they can also be compared on the way they are administered.

Both the H1N1 flu shot and the sterilization vaccine requires TWO shots to be successful, spread on two to four weeks and both are administered intramuscularly.
Please read this in details and compare to the flu shot. I think you nailed it in one of the links you gave. The more I read by myself, using official sources on that stuff, the more I feel this flu shot is truly the mass sterilization tool of the elite.

This is it. The global masterplan probably doesn't involve nukes or baby meat but it will slowly kill the masses until the elite can have all the earth left for themselves.