Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Read This And Weep For The Sheeple

Figure out what is going to happen yet?

(Slow Monday at Vault-Co)

Do you think that they have known for over fifty years? Do you think this is why the seed vault was built? Is this why deep underground excavation and shelter construction has been going at such a furious pace since the turn of this century? Do you think all the other stories are just mass distractions to keep people from finding about what could happen in the very near future?

Why is NASA now releasing this "new" information in bits and pieces? Really think these conclusions just arrived shortly after Robert Felix published his book? Or is this a graduated method of revealing the ideas?

Seems like such a little thing, a magnetic reversal. You'd think it would go as quietly as a field mouse through a bushel of hay. No wonder for so long our civilization was unable to put the pieces together. You have to know all the facts to do that and most of the assumptions that mankind had made about the universe were just plain topsy-turvy wrong. I think Robert Felix has gotten it right.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the doomsday seed vault:

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm more worried about this little devil - sunspot cycle 24,

aworldnervelink said...

Yes and no. The whole idea of magnetic reconnection is a farce - see . This is not to say that there is not another mechanism that matches up with Felix's theories...