Friday, September 4, 2009

Israel : Land Of The Vivisectionist Body Snatchers

Trust me, the real extent of what is going on here is like an iceberg. 90% of its mass is below the waterline. It's not likely the media is going to report what has been going on for quite some time. Israel is the world's largest body part broker, no questions asked. Some say all that matters is that a part is needed with a buyer, not whether it is currently available. One phone call to the IDF and they can whip that part up in twenty minutes or get it from a Sayanim somewhere else in any other nation where their affiliate program extends.

People resort to these types of industries because they can't make an honest living and have no ethical qualms about doing so. If Israelis were say, 5% as smart as they incessantly claim to be, they'd have a huge income from a plethora of high tech industries in almost all scientific fields which would easily employ the entire population. Instead, this. Draw your own conclusions.

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