Sunday, September 6, 2009

First The Burning Sky, Then The Bitter Cold

I knew about Heraclitus from reading Velikovsky and have always wondered if there was something to his "Great Day" of 10,800 years. I have thought about it even more since reading the books of Robert Felix. I am convinced this is not the first time that all of this has happened.

Right, so the Sun died and nobody took much notice. Okay. That's televitz infomation edjumafacashun for you in a nutshell. Something of life and death cosmic significance happened and nobody really covered the story.

If Jonah Goldberg is covering it, it's truly old news

It could be like ... totally ... like a new Ice Age, dude Yawn. No Vault-Co followers, these.

Okay, well, right ... like, then this could be sort of a hiccup for globowarmthinkery and whatnot, then ... right?

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ericthered said...

The evidence of cataclysmic events is right before our eyes. For instance, take a drive down hwy 60 in Missouri and look at where they've cut thru the rocks. The stata lines are tilted at angles contrary to the grade. The same with the bluffs along the river. The ground has been moved in a major way.