Thursday, September 3, 2009

Empire of the Sodomites

If you were an Islamic fundamentalist, who would you believe to be the spawn of Satan? The taxi drivers and falafel cooks getting bombed to ribbons by these people or the nation of sodomists?

This doomed country will go the way of all Lucifer's children. Not a moment too soon for me, either.

Great new site on the most monstrous, inhumanly wicked creature ever to set foot in the Oval Office.

A monster who himself preys on monsters to lead a nation of monsters - to their doom. Makes sense somehow.


j said...

Are those those Westboro Baptist Church creeps? Say it ain't so, Tex.

Anonymous said...

Obama the fag enabler... LOL

Texas Arcane said...

They're bad, Westboro. Everybody on televitz says so. They are discredited because they are discredited.

That's the consensus, anyway.

I reckon, speaking as a secular atheist in this regard, that Westboro Baptist Church is the only scripture based church in the United States today. They got it right if scripture is your authority. If men are to be trusted more and God is the liar, I guess Westboro is clearly outnumbered and therefore discredited.

j said...

"They got it right if scripture is your authority."

Yeah, my point exactly. Who would worship that god of genocide, slavery, child-rape, genital mutilation, blood sacrifice, ect.? Creeps. People who don't have any human understanding of morality, so they need to take it out of a book penned by bronze age barbarians. I guess the old men who hanged women at Salem had it right, too; Exodus 22:18. Or the Inquisition. The extremists always have it right by their very nature; I'm with you there, Tex.

There's plenty of insanity in the world, but it's just a false dichotomy to say that it's either that or the god of Abraham. There is such a thing as basic human goodness, no matter how little you see of it on the tv. If god tells you that evil is good, then god is indeed a liar.