Monday, September 28, 2009

The Dog Ate Our Global Warming Data

I've known this for many years. I've heard them yammering away right in front of me and you know what? I could rarely be bothered to even inform people differently.

The reality is ... all the "scientific data" for global warming was first claimed to be too hard to understand for people to be permitted to look at ... then secret ... and finally lost.

That's because none of it ever existed, anywhere.

There was never any peer review. There was never any "consensus," (whatever the hell that was supposed to mean.)

Modern people are mostly fakes. At everything. They pretend, they pose, they make grandiose statements, they sneer and they will deride anybody who asks questions about the whole mess.

As the author of the article points out ... increasingly, these guys don't even make any coherent sense. About anything at all.

This entire thing was a Bernie Madoff style ecological Ponzi scheme, created by crooked bastards for the express purpose of separating rubes from whatever little cash they had remaining.

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