Thursday, September 17, 2009

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Confirms In Writing What Vault-Co said in 1998

America is without question, the best prepared nation in the world to fight World War II.

Unfortunately, this is World War III approaching.

This is an asymmetric conflict, without honor or much opportunity for martial glory. It's all about nuclear cruise missiles traveling at twenty times the speed of sound zipping back and forth blowing colossal holes in the planet before most soldiers could even pull their boots on. It's a Nintendo war, fought by machines and computers with scarcely a military man to be found. We could have less than ten eye-to-eye engagements in all of World War III and most of those not decisive of anything.

The day of the strategic airburst has passed, excepting the EMP strikes. This war will be all about detonations near or immediately above the ground. It will be a dirty war fought with dirty long term radioactive by-products, making the deep rock shelter a must. The vault dwellers will prevail and everybody else will fry.

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