Thursday, August 13, 2009

While The Kwanstain Fiddles, The Whole World Gets Ready To Burn

Don't worry, I have a feeling this will all blow over at some point.

The Sunday supplement articles of the 1960s are all coming to pass. China is convinced itz coming.

Everybody is talking about the "war in space", except for inside of Kwanzania, where people get less news from the outside world than did the gulags of Soviet Russia.

A mystery at sea for Russia. Nukes "missing" once again. A mysterious ship with mysterious cargo? Maybe something having to do with ITZ was on board.

This isn't a Cold War redux. It's the prologue to a Hot War. If Russian subs are running our coasts, it is because Russia is keeping them within rapid launch range of Amerikwan cities - or what's left of them, anyway. Russia could use a nuclear war right now just as much as Kwanstainia.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

Peter Schiff owns the people he's arguing against, who then after he's done turn around and assure each other of their correctness and say don't look at what Peter Schiff is saying. Regarding the reserve rate, I believe Peter Schiff wants that raised too--he just didn't bring that up because the interest rates are more pressing at the moment.

You are right, Tex, when you say that America is sleepwalking into disaster.

Anonymous said...

Burn motherfucker BURN

j said...

"Don't worry, I have a feeling this will all blow over at some point."

Well, that's good news.