Friday, August 21, 2009

Warm Seas and Cold Skies : Forecast Is For Snow

Notice how again and again over the past ten years, the physical evidence is validating Robert Felix's original hypothesis. Nobody, not a single person in the entire field of climatology, has been as prescient at seeing the conditions that would accompany the return of another Ice Age.

Time after time, I have watched as Felix has proved the worth of the real scientific method. Formulate a theory to explain what you are seeing around you, then wait to see if the evidence and development either prove that theory correct or demonstrate it was wrong to begin with. A real thinker will accept what the world is telling him and abandon his cherished proposition. Ordinary people won't ... because man is not a thinking animal.

I first got exposed to these ideas by Whitley Streiber's book with Bell and I distinctly recall being impressed by the implications but never by either one of these guys. I always figured these were fruitcakes who had accidentally stumbled onto something very interesting. I have watched as all the ideas that Streiber put forward in his book THE COMING SUPERSTORM have turned out to be terribly confused exposition on what was important observed phenomena. I didn't really find I could assemble this stuff into anything useful on my own despite my having most of the facts there. I needed Robert Felix to do that for me.

With his help, I can see very clearly what is happening around me and easily predict what will be coming next.

Here's what I have to tell you : Watch for the reports of lightshows like the recent one over Texas that signal crevices and fissures in the magnetic shield. Those are going to get more and more frequent. When you start seeing them every night overhead here in Australia, it will be time to prep your Vault.

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mojo said...

Seeing a red hue to the evening sky here in Missouri for the last couple of months. It fades in and out like northern lights but unlike northern lights it is present on all horizons.

Also a very unusual summer here with cool temps and steady rainfall. The fields look like springtime green. It is very nice weather but what does it portend?

I have read Robert's latest book and haven't found anything of yet in my life that explains things as well as his theory. Unfortunately we may get to witness it first hand. God's vengeance on a regular cycle. This world is due for a good cleansing.