Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They're coming in WW3

The guy in the article link suggests there needs to be robot arms control before it "gets out of hand." It's already out of hand. It's way past out of hand. It's a new Cold War for robot tech.

You thought World War III would just be nuclear-bio-chem but you probably thought this stuff was science fiction. When Vault-Co first predicted it in 2003, it was.

Consider human troops just a bookmarker until they can field these units in the near future. They'll probably be armed with weapons like neutron cluster bomblets or something similarly insane and by that time nobody will think anything of it, either.


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Ohio Dude

Anonymous said...

Slightly off topic. On page 100 of "Not by Fire but by Ice" where it says "doesn't it seem that a fluctuating magnetic field as big as the earth itself might produce a planetary-sized current, sending billions of volts of electricity surging through the soil?"
What are your thoughts on this? Mainly from the perspective of how you are planing on this with regards to the Vault? Cheers

Alex Supertramp said...

tex, it goes way beyond a few rogue robots with weapons mate. There are groups os psychopathic, human hating geeks all over the world racing towards the goal of replacing us all with better, smarter chimps. They call it the Singularity. I can't believe that they advertise so boldly and openly of what they are doing with government and industry funds. See:

Alex Supertramp said...

I should add - could Theodore Kaczynski possibly have been right? Has the industrial revolution and its consequences been a disaster for the human race?? Are we really going to just hand our world over to machines that we worship as being better than us because they can add up faster?

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Anon 26-09 3 AM

My shelter is a giant earth grounded Faraday cage.

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