Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Score :

Vault-Co & Robert Felix = 100%
Rest of the planet = 0.0%

The last ten years looks like a complete blow-out for Robert Felix and Vault-Co. Everybody else, not so good itz.

So, because hominids need help with deductive reasoning ... what then has been responsible for the layers of oil and coal laid down in the Earth's crust in bands at regular cyclic intervals? Figure it out yet?

Declining output across the electromagnetic spectrum permits the Earth's magnetic shield to undergo reversal. The planet is pounded by the naked radiation of the Sun at the same time volcanos are blowing and the tectonic plates of the planet are shifting around like loose dentures in an old man's mouth. There's the end of the interglacial. The solar output continues to decline afterwards until the planet simply isn't getting enough radiant energy to do anything but freeze afterwards. That's the Ice Age that follows.

This is a Maunder Minimum, people. Not a Dalton dip. Do you understand what that means in real world consequences? It means people fighting in the streets over food long before they start to freeze to death in the winters. It means global nuclear war over resources in the Caspian and the Middle East with Russia and China and whoever else wants to pile on. It means babies, the other white meat. A Maunder Minimum will make McCarthy's THE ROAD look like a lighthearted teen novel about Smurfs in love with Care Bears. It's ugly times infinity. If you're waiting for the mass media to tell you what's going on, don't hold your breath. As Bill Murphy put it in Ghostbusters, "Igor has gone bye-bye." The mass media and the sheeple who read it have curled up into a fetal position and are waiting for the coming farting-cow "carbon holocaust." I personally plan to make colorful and amusing lawn furniture topside in the snow with their frozen blue carcasses in a few short years when I come up to scavenge.


Anonymous said...

So perhaps you have a SNAP genset to keep you toastie? I'm building my own. Much cheaper that way.


hitfan said...

I don't buy the abiotic oil theory. If it were true, then an oil company would have bought out the dry oil wells as future interests and wait for them to fill up.

Even if it is true, then the world is extracting oil at a much faster rate than what the interior can seep upwards to the upper mantle.

Jerome Corsi (a proponent of abiotic oil) says that "we just have to drill deeper to get to the oil". Basic thermodynamics dictate that the deeper you drill, the higher the lifting costs. In Athabasca, Alberta, many oil sands projects are only profitable at $70 a barrel. In fact, the oil sands are energy losers but because oil is much more valuable than natural gas, the latter is burned to get the black stuff.

Oil is at $72 a barrel IN SPITE OF world economic recession. In fact, I think that every time there is an economic recovery, oil will hit $100 and then the economy will regress along with the price of oil. As the price of oil becomes increasingly volatile, many oil extraction projects will simply not bother to operate because of the uncertainty (unless there are willing buyers who want to be locked in for higher than market rates).

Texas Arcane said...

I've got a biofuel generator that runs off about four different kinds of fuel pretty well. I have diesel stored but in a pinch this generator will burn almost anything. This is only to back up solar and wind when they aren't available.

Anonymous said...

hitfan, they don't have to buy up the old fields, their first lease on those fields still are in place. Their only expense in reopening them is to replace the pumps - even the existing wells are functional just by cleaning and opening the well heads.