Friday, August 21, 2009

"A Pyramid of Nonsense"

If you want to understand the world in the correct light, you should know that man as a rule is not a learning animal. This will be disturbing to you if the foundation of your world view rests on the absurd notion that all men are born with the ability to think and learn. It's an urban myth. Like people who claim to have been abducted by aliens or have seen the Loch Ness monster. It's part of a complicated social structure that is designed through sophistry to help hide reality from everyone.

If you hear somebody else speaking like I do ... or the way Robert Felix does ... or the way Linus Pauling did ... you need to to know that what all of these kinds of people have in common is that they are genetic freaks. Less than 1% of all the humans ever born can actually reason. The rest are just very sophisticated and complex animals. They don't think. Not because they don't want to. It's that they do want to but they can't. Just like only a few men can run the 100 meters in under 10 seconds, only a tiny handful of people are born with the peculiar genetics required to think, learn and perceive.

Now a couple hundred years ago, the majority of men would have been in possession of common sense. Not necessarily learning or the power to reason, rather the adaptive ideas that resulted from hands-on everyday experience with the seasons, the growing cycle and working closely with the earth and natural forces to produce an outcome. Today people talk about common sense but the truth is that all they have ever really believed in is what the television and the media have told them. Most of the people living today think what is on that box is more real than what they can see with their naked eye. This isn't exaggeration or dramatic rhetoric. It's the truth.

It is in this sick, diseased, unwholesome, tainted and utterly corrupted atmosphere that the lunatic concepts of global warming have been cultivated. Half the equation is a population so absolutely crazy that they will believe damn near anything as long as it isn't something really disturbing like the truth.

Global warming is faggotry. It's hebrephrenic gibberish. A new Ice Age ... buddy, you better believe that is way too scary to even contemplate for most of the sheeple.

It is no accident that modern people have been cut off from reality and trained to believe whatsoever they are told to believe. It is not an accident.


VX said...

In Mormon theology - which I'm not terribly fond of in general - the sons of perdition, for who the outer darkness is reserved, are identified as the group of humans which agreed to Satan's rebellion beforehand.

If these accounts of the inner life of the psychopath are correct, if there is not even the potential for love or mercy, a Christian must wonder what genetic psychopaths are. Salvation is offered to each and every human, but is a creature devoid of humanity capable of accepting it?

Anonymous said...

This woman is a thinker:

Anonymous said...

If it becomes absolutely knowable who is and is not a psychopath, can we implement a mandatory euthanasia program to remove them from the population?