Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obamanation and his Merry Band of Marxists Have Lost Control Of The Program

Crackhead Sodomite's entire political plan has quietly fragmented into just so much Trotskyist rubbish. It is not too soon to suggest that he will meet the same fate as Trotsky at the hands of his own puppeteers. He is clearly in the immediate running for worst President in history, a slot formerly occupied by George Bush Jr. for eight years undisputed. To call the remainder of his term a lame duck administration is insulting to ducks and other water fowl.

Everything about this idiot is a walking stereotype.

Democrats can choose between their job or support for this career unemployed bum. Most of them are trying to put as much political distance as is humanly possible in between their careers and this hopeless communist halfwit.

All of his other gibberish is due to collapse with him.

The only strategy out of this mess is their usual ... ginning up a war. Or they could try a new approach ... a fake pandemic and nobody left to identify the pathogen.

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Anonymous said...

In 20 years time, what do you think the environment of Australia will be like? What do you think the population will be? Do you have a long term plan for the survival of your children Tex?

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