Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mankind in the Mass Is Utterly Doomed

A new ice age is coming upon a generation that is the least equipped of any men of the last two millennia. All they are going to be able to do is die poorly.

This planet is going to get really cold, really quickly. Famine will be the biggest problem initially, particularly in the formerly wealthy countries like the U.S. where there will soon be no money with which to buy any food.

It's a reprint, but it is truly comic hilarity thinking of the wide open mouths of Kwanzanians as they stare at the night sky blithely without possessing the brains to know what they are seeing.


j said...

I'm coming to realize that you were right about Obama supporters being mostly hardcore communists, Tex. As his approval ratings slip, they seem to be the only ones to be sticking with him. Reading articles on his healthcare plan around the web, and seeing the insane comments by his supporters is pretty wild. Funny; they want to live like ants, and soon may very well die like them, if you're right about this ice age too.

Anonymous said...

Robert Felix's ideas are getting some mainstream support: