Thursday, August 6, 2009

Majority Consensus on Anything Is Always Wrong

When a man can't reason, he has no choice but to appeal to authority by adopting the "consensus." Therefore, those who control the media have the ability to control reality itself by manufacturing the "consensus" or at least the perception thereof.

Globowarmthinkery Contra Reality.

Reality will simply have to change. The sheeple won't know the difference.

A glacier growing at record rate is now "melting into the sea" according to the media, which basically discredits the entire media permanently


Anonymous said...

I saw this the other week -

Humans do NOT listen to those who are the smartest, or those with the most experience, or the best track record --

They listen to the people they 'perceive' as having higher social status than they do.

And hence, now we have a perfect understanding of exactly why things are so FUBAR right now.


Anonymous said...

It's also why people who think they can accomplish something by writing anonymous blogs are funny.