Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is Vault-Co an Illuminati Site?

I got permission to print this which was originally in the comments section.


Just want to ask you a few private questions:

1. Why do you use an illuminati pyramid symbol on your site?
2. I know about the illuminists and you seem exactly like the kind of person they would want to recruit to 'keep their enemies close.'
3. Bluntly. Are you an illuminati front?

Answer the questions. Truthfully. I won't tell anybody what you said.

[anonymous visitor]"

I've been approached on five separate occasions in my life, including by a man who now occupies a position in Obama's cabinet. Sometimes they were as innocuous as a request to have lunch in Washington sometime, by a hardcore illuminatist you would recognize the name of immediately. Other times it was a person befriending me out of the blue or trying to. The instant I recognized their name I ignored them and all of their wiles until they just went away.

The great thing about me is that I am so unapproachable. The second great thing about me is that I have been pretending to be crazy for so long I can't remember what part of my personality is an act anymore. That's just the way I like it, because petty ranteurs and bourgeois reactionaries are just not worth the time, money and effort to have killed. It would be an incredible waste of resources.

I can assure you, people have reported to others that "I talked to him. I'm not sure if he was nuts or not or if he just pretends to be sometimes. My opinion is that he is harmless and no further attempts should be made to contact him. Besides, the way he phrases stuff he discredits his own positions which is a boon to us."

That symbol on our site is the original civil defense badge and it means a roof over the heads of civilians to protect them from the storm. It's not a pyramid, it's a shelter.


Anonymous said...

Questions as to whether or not your an "Illuminast" plant are funny

Various dynamics clearly indicate any group of Controllers don't care about the booboisie. They don't shut up all Cassandras, since awareness by any small group is immaterial to an agenda they have. Arctic Norwegian island non-hybrid seed vault repositories ? Set up by the Princes of Grain and other uberPlayers ... Duh ! ... do ya think they anticipate some disruption ? Would the Dronedom even know about the Terminator gene tech ? Please !

Sadly, I see another Indicator : the paucity of commenters at this site. Material ? Fascinating. Depth and breadth of background data ? Deep and wide. But site visits ? They'd go for co-opting a more widely visited site. I think they find this an "amusing" site, if any of their functionaries have taken note, and they find it chuckle-icious that most folk are tied up with American Idol and Snack-Wells.

Any conscious creature might arouse the curiosity of Controllers, since the vast majority are pen-fed mouthbreathers. 80 - 20 ratio between Parasites and Productives is accelerating toward humanoid devolution. Modern Civ is a tenuous construct, and it won't take much to bring the system back down to hard floors and hard left walls, speaking graphically.


Anonymous said...

As I mentioned earlier ....

Princes of Grain ....

Do Seed Companies Control GM Crop Research? Scientists must ask corporations for permission before publishing independent research on genetically modified crops. That restriction must end

(Scientific American / Aug 2009 )

Just think "Maslow" and his Hierarchy of Needs. The PTB have achieved control of food, and move now on the fronts of shelter, comm, finance and culture

Wake up time


sumptos devil s advocate said...

j said...

If you were really a NWO stooge, I would expect your doomsday predictions to true more often. =P

Anonymous said...

Civil Defense Logo Dies at 67, and Some Mourn Its Passing

Anonymous said...

"I've been approached on five separate occasions in my life, including by a man who now occupies a position in Obama's cabinet".


Texas Arcane said...

I was approached by one person who sits in Obama's cabinet to have lunch in New York back in 1991, quite out of the blue based on a single article he had seen my byline under. He asked me if I'd like to discuss politics and talked to me about writing for a New York magazine which is defunct now. I can't help but notice that three of the writers on his masthead later went on to die quite violently, all in mysterious circumstances. So that's one job I'm glad I never interviewed for.

The person who currently heads up the CDC in America emailed me back in 1998 and told me that we "must get together and talk strategy for the paleoconservatives sometime," if I ever found myself down his way. Of course, this guy was a paleo for about three hours, when all of a sudden he turned out to be a far left radical democrat socialist. Shades of Jonah Goldberg and what have you.