Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 "Riot" Drills

Will it be people "rioting" to get the vaccine (surely there will be plenty stocked in the next few months) or parents rushing to their schools when the administrators arbitrarily lock down the gymnasium and start injecting the kids while their parents are busy at work despite their explicit instructions not to give their children the vaccine?

If you don't know the answer, you don't even understand the question.

This is a plan to depopulate the planet. A cow in a barn doesn't know why the truck is coming to pick it up. Do you know?

This is one tool in the toolbox and there are a lot of tools in that box. After this first phase, they will start rooting out the second tier of "useless eaters", each time lifting the Darwinian bar to make it a bit harder to survive the triage.

People who are dead cannot overthrow the government. The elites understand this a lot better than the sheeple they control. They also understand they'd better do something quickly. Real quickly. Their fake substitute cloned version of Amerikwa is starting to spook the herd. There's no country called America any more. Hasn't existed for twenty years. There are just debt obligations. Somebody is going to get paid, even if they have to melt the country down for glue in sneakers.

Are you one of those sad Amerikwans that just doesn't know what is going on? The other countries have declined so quickly they just assume their right to inject stuff into their slaves is a given.

Secession is in the air. The elite know a good lethal pandemic will cap that before it can get started.


Anonymous said...


I saw "Knowing" Sobering. I've read your posts for quite a while now. My apologies in advance for these questions....

1) How deep ? How much cover ?
2) For how long ?
3) What expedient strategies would you suggest - caves / basements, large diameter sewer system - pending establishment of a dedicated shelter

I appreciate how busy you are, thanks in advance. I follow instructions well

the OhioDude

j said...

Call me a stupid kwanzanian, but why would the elite put the killer viruses in the vaccinations, when it's already been shown that they can bio-engineer diseases like this fllu? Why not just make a super-flu or an airborne Ebola and retreat to their bunkers until it blows over? I have a feeling that a large number of people are going to resist the mandatory vaccinations, and trying to force them on the public at gunpoint will, if anything, accelerate the secession and revolution that the elites are trying to quell. Something about this doesn't add up, to me.

Anonymous said...

The elite can't survive all by themselves, they still need some obediant serfs to do their bidding. I would expect that not all vaccines would contain the deathly toxins, they will spare some neighborhoods or cities based on their usefulness to their plan. A deadly virus can't be that smart. A deadly virus can't selectively avoid killing the percentage of people that has to be left to support the elite.

KWJ said...

It's important to consider on this list of comments that not all vaccined work 100%. When it comes to preserving their own lives the Elites want 100% -- 99.9% is for serfs.