Friday, August 14, 2009

God sent you leaders, God sent you prophets. You did not listen and now it's time to die.

Kwanzanians rejected sound wisdom and refused to listen to sane viewpoints. They embraced "cool" instead. Now all the "cool" people will perish for lack of guidance because they have taken the counsel of fools, liars and the Children of the Devil.

The year after I was born.

This is why the Kwanstain deserves everything it gets. Pray to the ghetto demigod of rap music and byotches to save you now, Kwanstainia. Let him turn the stones into bread to fill your bellies. If your false "god" doesn't work these miracles for you hipster doofuses, you're going to die.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

LustInBlack said...

Awhh refreshing.. I'm not alone!!!

hitfan said...

The election of Reagan was the kwa running on afterburner fumes of a once-great nation, a last dying gasp. He was an anomally, elected under perfect winning conditions because the economic cycle went rather badly under Carter.

I watched the first video and you can tell that the vocabulary being used was for a much more informed audience. Imagine a conservative speaking this articulately on Fox News. Instead, the conservative opposition is presented as raving lunatics in the form of O'Reilly and Beck.

andyboots37 said...

Altruistic platitudes for sure.

One has to wonder why he had a demon like G. H. Bush as his VP for eight years. Or why he appeared at a place like Bohemian Grove.

Billy Graham had alot to say in his early years as a preacher. Later on in the day went on to say that Christians, Muslims etc., are all on basically the same path. Muslims are saved and don't even know it he quipped. He also kept company with Robert Schuller who was a positive affirmation man and a disciple of Norman Vincent Peale. Flesh gurus really.

Or as you say, children of the devil.

My bible says that "they" went out from us because they were never really of us.

You just don't know until harvest time.


Anonymous said...

Tex in case you haven't done it yet I urge you to watch a movie called "Land of Plenty", There simply isn't any other movie that portrays paranoia in post-9/11 America with such honesty and clarity. What it means to be lost in your own your country and not being able to recognize anything anymore. Of course, because the movie takes a stance that Christianity and faith are the answer to everything, and had its young female protagonist wearing a cross around her neck, it was mocked and snubbed by hipster film critics. That should say something about the value of this film.

Anonymous said...

Not that you're going yo miss it in anyway but I just feel the need to point out that the allegory of how America has gone to fabricate imaginary foes, and create lies for itself in order to fight unjustified wars is pure genius. There is also an excellent symbolism at one point of America being an old lady that cannot get out of bed and is not even able to change the TV-channel feeding it with lies. Such a great and full of meaning movie. I apologize if my posts were a bit off topic to the particular post of yours, but I think they relate well to everything you've been writing on this blog.

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