Thursday, August 20, 2009

Every American Should See This

An embarrassing time of discrimination in Kwanstain history and the rebels and pioneers who fought the system with their own bootstrap industry.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Funny stuff. Ken Burn's Civil War was good, Jazz was decent, the rest of it, tedious.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Of course you are joking aren't you? You are aware that this film is a farce. Rocket propelled school buses don't orbit around in space. And no blacks orbited earth in 1957-58 (or any other time). Damn Tex, I hope you're joking.

Anonymous said...

Since we've been rewriting history to serve minorities and their collective self-esteems, it's about time we started to believe our own rewrites, and in fact we have.

Neil Diamond said...

I concur with Ice Cream Soldier. If you look closely at about 09:11, you'll notice the Cadillac Coup de Ville's window appears to be wound down, and it doesn't appear to be outfitted with the necessary apparatus to create the kind of overpressure you'd need inside the cab to counteract the vacuum of space that would almost certainly be present to some extent on the moon's surface.

Final verdict? Well the jury's out, but I wouldn't be too surprised if it turned out that certain elements of the documentary were indeed exagerated, or "hyped up", if you will.