Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Get That Vaccine

Vault-Co says that vaccine has the second half of the equation that makes that bug a megakiller. They could not count on mother nature to deliver the lethal second part so they want people to come in and have it individually injected. Other than that the entire thing is yet another globalist scam and scheme.


sumptos devil s advocate said...

I appreciate your reading the article I posted. Basically, we don't have the large movements of military personnel in cramped quarters and unsanitary conditions like occurred in 1918. Even in Iraq and Afghanistan, I understand that the living standards of U.S. military personnel are cozy by battlefield standards, and there are no large movements. Because of that, a 1918-like event is unlikely to arise naturally. At worst, with modern standards of sanitation, we would have another Hong Kong flu.

Modern standards of sanitation, however, would not do anything if something like Captain Trips turns out to be true and is released. If we did get a very deadly outbreak with our modern standards of living, chances are the government or a company with close ties thereto would have been behind it.

As for your claims about the vaccine, Tex, I'm not so sure about them, but they do discourage me from being the first to get that vaccine. When you say that the vaccine adds a second part to the virus, would the newly formed virus be contagious?

Ice Cream Soldier said...