Friday, August 7, 2009

All the Above

A short synopsis of the Apocalyptic Trifecta, the mother of all historical conjunctions.

I reckon it will be dozens of these at once, some of them in progress right now.

I got out the archive on my old study machine last night. Originally in 1998, this blog was called Texas Arcane's SURVIVAL REPORT and it was structured to look like THE DRUDGE REPORT with a three column layout. On the first page of my first post ever, I said :

"This page is here not because there is a single iceberg up ahead or even a couple hundred. There are a couple thousand and some days I feel like I'm the only guy who can see them. I am going to put my predictions up here in black & white as a viable record to see if I turn out to be correct."

The rest of the page reads like the headlines from today's newspaper.


Anonymous said...

One of the thousands of problems.

Dr. Richard said...

What the authors of the 144 scenarios miss is that many of these scenarios are correlated, some of the are side effects of others, others are mutually exclusive, and that some of these would likely occur simultaneously. Real nightmares happen when you have several of these happening simultaneously or in short sequence such that the follow-on event completely overwhelm our collective ability to deal with the earlier events.

Anonymous said...

Slate missed Israel's "Samson Option" which would start global thermonuclear war, as Kwanistan sides with the 666 beast.

Alexander Supertramp said...

It's intertesting to see how many of these problems President Barry claims to be able to fix. If any of them do fizzle out then he'll take personal credit for it. Enhancing his Godlike reputation among his acolytes. If you think he's a radical now, wait until he starts believing that he really does have a divine mandate. The missiles are flying.....hallelujah, hallelujah.....