Wednesday, August 19, 2009

#1 Most Underrated Threat In The Post-Apocalyptic Environment

This was a pack of a couple of dogs. Imagine a pack of thirty like they get down in Puerto Rico sometimes or a pack of a couple hundred feral dogs.

All those civilian peacetime dogs on the couch in the pre-attack environment so harmless they wouldn't hurt a fly. Wait until their surviving litters get old enough and numerous enough to basically kill anything they want to whenever they want to.

It's going to be one of the biggest hazards and most people have never really thought about it much. They only think of dogs as man's best friend. The alternative doesn't really occur to them. Without socialization, people and dogs turn into ravenous beasts.

A pack of thousand feral dogs would be scarier than a mob of a thousand zombies in terms of the threat they pose to a man or woman on foot. Dogs, rats and insects will go through boom-bust cycles after the bomb and if you're caught in a boom cycle you'd better be underground or in chainmail.


Anonymous said...

Dogs are a problem now and will become a much larger problem PSHTF but you will not see a pack greated than 20 or so adult dogs, it is about the pack limit, more than that and the pack splinters.
Not a university expert but a real life (27 dog bites) expert who learnt the hard way.
Never be alone, never be unarmed and a short barrel 12g with an open choke loaded with No4 shot is your best mate!
oh and bulk ammo

Anonymous said...

Ah, ye have such a way with words, Mr Tex

Chainmail indeed!

Anonymous said...

Good scoop, Tex.

Anonymous said...

My mates sister and her daughter were treed by a pack of wild dogs whilst walking in a state forest.

They all thought it was a great joke.

What's so funny about being attacked by wild animals that could kill you?

In the aftermath of Cyclone Tracey dogs were shot on sight.

Ice Cream Soldier said...

In Viet Nam I became very enamored of dog meat. When you are about to starve you will find it rather beneficial to have plentiful protein. Don't tear them up with shotguns unless your pantries runneth over and they keep coming. I promise, dogs are good eating and the time is almost upon us when we're going to be glad to see them.
Let the feral creatures get fat on the rotting bodies of your enemies and it won't cost you anything to feed them but they will feed you well.
It beats the hell out of "Babies, the other white meat!"