Friday, July 31, 2009

Why is Obama's "Birth Announcement" A Forgery?

It's so obvious. His race is listed as AFRICAN. That's such a glaring anachronism it stands out like a sore thumb and it is absolute proof it was forged in the last few years if not the last few months.

In 1961 a man's race would have been listed as NEGRO. "Africans" were not a racial classification in 1961!!! Nobody would have listed his father as "AFRICAN" in 1961, it would've been ludicrous!!!

Even his phony "birth announcement" is a fake. Everything about the guy is fake. His whole life is a sorry fake.


j said...

This is incredibly funny. I guess whoever photoshopped this together didn't want to use one of those racist-sounding words.

Isn't he also a fake negro? I keep hearing that he's mostly Arab and White, but less than 10% Black. Lol.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't his father literally from Africa? Like if your father was from France he'd be French, or from China he'd be Chinese. It wasn't an African-American racial thing, it was literally his country of birth. Unless I'm mistaken. In which, my bad.

Anonymous said...

This story is growing and is making it into the MSM.

From what I understand a Birth Announcement is meaningless in Hawaii, because you don't have to be born there to get one. So what the people want to see is his *Birth Certificate*, with the Hospital and attending Doctor on it.

They also want to see his school records, so they know what his movements were, because that area is suspect as well.

What I don't understand is how Amerika elected a President (the most powerful man in the world) and they knew next to nothing about him. Are they complete idiots over there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, African is the correct term. Yeah.

And I'm opening a demolitions company, where we take down buildings with great precision into their own footprint by spreading around a few gallons of diesel fuel, and setting it on fire. Worked twice on WTC in one day.

Back to the widescreen TV now.

Anonymous said...

If we could see the school records(which seem to be lost lmfao) they would show immunization forms which state his name,place of birth,parents names,hospital born in,attending physician etc etc...we cant get a straight answer from a.k.a. berry or obama or john q public whoever he really is birth certificate $15.00 covering up place of birth over $$$1,000,000 this is funny but ohh soo sad for our U.S. of A. ... his own grandmother or step grand who cares said she was present in kenya with his mother the day he was born why would a grandparent lie about that no she was proud of his heritage but that wont get him elected as the potus..........

Alex Supertramp said...

Is this any surprise? Clinton was a college drop-out who could barely keep his pants on. When things got tough he would simply pull out a beat up old saxophone and pretend to play it. He cahsed interns around the oval office trying to penetrate them with cigar cases. GWB jnr was clearly retarded. I'm serious. Wasn't it obvious that he had well below average IQ? And now people are surprised that a radical Kenyan marxist is in the job. The obvious conclusion is not that the ptb manipulate affaris through stooges in the Whitehouse, but that the Whitehouse and the Presidency are basically just shopfronts and don't count in the making af the real agenda.

hitfan said...

I'm agnostic as to whether or not he is a 'natural born citizen' -- the kwa voted for him. It shows how far down the precipice it has fallen.

The "patriots" who are pursuing this thing actually still believe in Amerikwa.

60+ percent of whites DID NOT vote for him. This is "Camp of the Saints" where whitey is being deluged by brown foreigners who hate them and outvote them.

Does anyone really think that the kwa is going to recover from the current economic SHTF? It's much much worse than they're reporting. It's so bad that the pro-Obama media tries to see good news when the rate job loss has slowed down (but losses still occur).

I predict we'll never see another Republican President ever. California, New York, Illinois are socialist states that vote as a bloc. "Swing voter" states like Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona (all at one time, Republican) are all going to be in the solid D column as 90% of enrichers vote in contempt against whitey's Republican party.

The Bushbots should have stayed home in '04--maybe the current economic crap would have been blamed on the Ds.

Anonymous said...

Check out Sunday's lead article on World Net Daily!! Possible Kenya birth certificate.